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Have a desire to contribute to the conservation of marine biodiversity in Singapore? 

Volunteer with the Sisters' Islands Marine Park as a guide, diver or citizen scientist where you can help to collect scientific information or raise awareness on our natural heritage!  

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Biodiversity Beach Patrol

The Biodiversity Beach Patrol is a citizen science initiative to involve the community in collecting valuable information about sea turtles and horseshoe crabs along Singapore’s coastal areas (Changi Beach Park and East Coast Park). These hourly patrols will take place overnight in 2 shifts (7.00pm to 7.00am), on stipulated dates between June and September 2019. Volunteers are expected to stay throughout the night. The Beach Patrol dates are spread out across 6 days a month per site.

With the data collected from beach patrols, we can gain a better understanding of which areas sea turtles and horseshoe crabs are found and in what numbers. This information will contribute towards better park management and conservation measures. 

The Biodiversity Beach Patrol will be conducted from June to September 2019. Volunteers will have to go through a pre-patrol training on 12 May 2019, 2pm – 4pm at the Singapore Botanic Gardens before participating in the overnight patrols. Find out more and sign up here. 

Last updated on 29 April 2019

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