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Venues at Woodlands Waterfront Park

  • Central Spine at Woodlands Waterfront Park

    Central Spine

    This event lawn looks like a spine from an aerial view, hence its name ‘Central Spine Plaza’. It is about a 100-metre stretch of flat, concretised pavement. This is the place for you to lay your cutleries and goodies for a buffet if you intend to have one.

    Size: 300 sqm
    Capacity: 200 pax

    Booking Fee: Free
  • Green Lawn at Woodlands Waterfront Park

    Green Lawn

    This piece of 700m2 verdant is the perfect spot to hold concerts/performances; guests can bring along their own mats for picnics while enjoying the shows.

    Size 700 sqm
    Seating capacity: 250 pax

    Booking Fee: Free