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How to start a Therapeutic Garden

Involving stakeholders in the planning and design of Therapeutic gardens (TGs) is vital to ensure that needs and concerns are considered. Multiple perspectives help to maximise the value of the TGs.

Identify target group/users
It is important to keep in mind the cultural backgrounds, age groups, and health conditions for the users while designing a therapeutic garden catering to their needs.


For residents of public and private housing estates, we work with the Residents’ Committee (RC), Neighborhood Committees (NC), or Residents’ Network (RN) to deliver support to interest parties/groups.

For assistance to start a Therapeutic Garden, please submit the details here.

We will provide guidance and advice through the design process of a Therapeutic Garden. Training workshops are available to assist organisations/interest groups to incorporate therapeutic horticulture programmes in their facilities.

In addition, NParks have developed comprehensive guides for the design of future Therapeutic Gardens and contemplative landscapes in Singapore. 

Last updated on 08 August 2023

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