Blue-banded Bees of Jurong Lake Gardens

Sunda Blue-banded Digger Bee

bluebanded beePhoto credit: Zestin Soh (NParks)

Scientific name: Amegilla andrewsi
Common name: Sunda Blue-banded Digger Bee
Family: Apidae

bee914 mm

how to identify?What does it look like?

Its abdomen is striped with alternating brilliant blue and black bands and has orange brown hair covering its thorax. Despite its speedy flight, its vibrant blue bands are easily recognisable.

Habitat and EcologyBehaviour and Ecology

Blue-banded Digger Bees are solitary bees that have the ability to buzz pollinate flowers. Clinging onto the flower’s anthers, the bee vibrates its body at a particular frequency that causes pollen from the flower to be released. They nest in the ground, particularly in clayey soil. In urban environments, they are known to use man-made surfaces such as mortar between bricks and concrete as nests instead.

You will rarely ever get stung from this species as they are shy and docile creatures. Their presence is a welcome sight in our parks and gardens.