A Fabulous Time At The Fabulous Baker Boy

With a name as unabashedly lofty sounding as The Fabulous Baker Boy, I made my way to the café kneaded with a generous helping of expectations. The first impression certainly did not disappoint.

Situated at The Foothills @ Fort Canning Park, the view during the walk to the café and the café itself was both imposing and impressive, particularly if you are a student of the park’s illustrious history.

The café from the outside, sited on the foothills of Fort Canning Park.

Upon entering the café, the waiter greeted us cheerfully and led my fiancée and I to our reserved table.

We liked the fact that water was served – something we no longer take for granted, with the increasing trend of restaurants charging for it. We also liked the cosy and cheery vibes the café radiated – we felt relaxed and comfortable from the moment we stepped in. It wasn’t the most romantic of places, but who needs a romantic place where you have the entirety of Fort Canning Park a heartbeat away?

The menu was tantalisingly written, using vivid and whimsical language that non-food connoisseurs like me can understand and appreciate. It was only through great focus egged on by the veiled threats from a hungry fiancée that we decided on the Encrusted Salmon for me, Seafood Pasta for her and Beef Guinness Pie to share.

Shortly after taking our orders, the waitress came back to let us know that the pasta would take a little longer than expected. We were pleased with her initiative – part of what keeps a diner happy is keeping them properly informed and managing their expectations. When the food came, we noticed that it was artfully presented.

We were happy with the quality of the cooking – my salmon was fresh and crispy, my fiancée’s pasta was soft and creamy and the beef pie was succulent and tasty. She found the portions to be just about right; unfortunately, being twice her weight, I thought the servings could have been a little bigger.

Pan-fried almond-crusted salmon served with spinach cream, mango-infused hollandaise and mash.

Top and bottom: Clams, mussels and succulent crab meat tossed in linguine and white wine, wrapped in parchment paper and baked in the oven.

After polishing off all of my salmon, most of the shared beef pie and some of my fiancée’s pasta, it was time for dessert. Like it was 30 minutes ago, I had the toughest of time picking out which cake I wanted from the myriad of delicious looking ones. We eventually settled on the Apple Cider and Nutty Monkey.

The former was a yummy spiced buttermilk sponge with homemade chunky organic apple sauce, while the latter was, quite simply, the purest of pleasure, as one could only get from a heavenly combination of banana coconut cake, swiss meringue peanut butter cream, chocolate frosting and valrhona ganache. A clear winner and a certain must-try.

My last thought as I savoured the final forkful was that I would be loathed to brush my teeth that night, just so I could wake the next morning to the lingering taste of the cake.

I would make a case for the Nutty Monkey being possibly the best cake I have ever tasted in Singapore.

We left the place slightly delirious from the sugar rush, more than contented with the food and thrilled that we had discovered a place we would definitely be returning to check out the rest of the menu. So the next time you’re in the vicinity of Fort Canning Park, do drop by the The Fabulous Baker Boy for a delectable time.

Photos and text by Tan Yi Shu

The Fabulous Baker Boy is located at 70 River Valley Road, Singapore 179037.
Opening hours: Tue to Thu: 11am to 10am Fri to Sat: 11am to 11pm Sun: 10am to 5pm Closed on Mondays; closed from 4.30pm to 6pm daily.
Brunch/Lunch till 2.30pm; Tea till 4.30pm; Dinner till 9pm.
For reservatios, call 6694 8336 or email info@thefabulousbakerboy.com.
More information available online and on Facebook.
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Ann Tunn 7/17/2014 9:10:05 AM

I wonder if the writer is really a non-food connoisseurs as claimed. The way the article was written, presented with detailed ingredients, method of preparation, description, etc that do not seem to be as stated earlier.
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