Our Green Spaces

Our little red dot is really more a green dot actually. With four nature reserves, more than 350 parks and more than 300 km of Park Connectors found throughout our island, Singapore is a treasure trove of green spaces. We speak to some staff as well as friends of NParks who share their special green places. We hope you can find your own green space too! 

Peaceful Space 

Johnny Tan Yong Hui
Photo credit: Johnny Tan

There is a peaceful open space at Dairy Farm Nature Park close to Singapore Quarry that I love! Although it can be a little challenging to cycle there, with some steep slopes to overcome, it is worth it just to get in touch with Mother Nature. There is even a hidden spot underneath some trees where you can get really up close to admire the rock wall of the quarry.
Johnny Tan, student

On the Water’s Edge 

 Mr Tan

At Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, I like how features have been incorporated to allow people to get closer to wildlife. The river used to be a concrete canal and you couldn’t walk to the water’s edge. But now with the gentle slopes and stone slabs, it’s possible to get up close with nature. Life is more interesting this way! 
Tan Keng Leng, retiree

To Chill and Relax

Photo credit: Nicky Ng

East Coast Park! The mood there is so chill. How many green spaces offer the opportunity for coastal walks? You can even spot eagles, parakeets, hornbills and otters occasionally. People taking long walks, friends playing volleyball, kids building sandcastles, and families having beach side barbecues… the atmosphere is just great!
Nicky Ng, Manager (Community Engagement)

Magic in the Night

Southern Ridges
HortPark and at night, Henderson Waves. The bridge is nicely lit up at night. It’s very scenic and cooling. Best of all, it’s not super-crowded like some other places in Singapore!
Ashleigh Ann Chong, Communications Executive

Exhilarating Run 

Mike Chee
Photo credit: Terence Chen

I love to run in our nature reserves on weekends. My friends and I start early at MacRitchie Reservoir Park and get to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve when it opens. We run up and down the hill a few times before heading back to the trails at MacRitchie. Simply exhilarating!
Mike Chee, father of three

Rolling Good Times


My family loves to use the different Park Connectors on the weekends when we go jogging or cycling together. We either use the Kallang Park Connector to make our way from Kallang to the National Stadium area, or the East Coast Park extension if we are heading to Marina Barrage. 
Mohamed Fadzli Hayof, self-employed

Water Lily Greeting

Photo credit: Nanthini Elamgovan

I walk past this water lily pond at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park every day on my way to work. The lilies are in my favourite colour and act as a happy greeting which never fails to lift my spirit! The sound of water gushing into the pond after a downpour is also very therapeutic, taking my mind away from the hustle and bustle of traffic just a few meters away.
Nanthini Elamgovan, Deputy Director (Riverine Parks)

It’s a Dog’s Life 

Photo credit: Teo Wen Yih

Tucked away in the quieter end of West Coast Park and less known to most park-goers, there is a leash-free dog run popular with many pet owners. It is a fairly large space with tall shady trees, picnic benches, and even a water point – making it a choice location for people and their furry companions!
Teo Wen Yih, pet owner

Watercolour Magic in Sungei Buloh

Photo credit: Wong Yeang Cherng

The Main Hide at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve at about 6 pm is one of the best places to view the sunset in Singapore. Bathed in a bluish backlit glow of the slowly-darkening sky, the mudflats transform into a breathtaking scene, like a watercolour painting by a master artist. This makes it my favourite Green Space.
Wong Yeang Cherng, Communications Manager

Childhood Memories of Singapore Botanic Gardens

When I was young, my parents would take me regularly to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, so I have many fond memories of the place. Now it is much more accessible, with an MRT station so you don’t have to drive there. And there are so many things to do there – guided walks, talks and workshops or you can just bring a picnic and enjoy the greenery.
Tan Sok Oon, Retiree

Nature’s Embrace

Photo credit: Leroy Alphonso

I enjoy unwinding along the boardwalks at MacRitchie Reservoir. Its location and proximity between the water’s edge and the overhanging branches of the forest make me feel as though I’m embraced by nature. It’s also a great place to get some peace and quiet.
Leroy Alphonso, Manager (Conservation)

A Hidden Gem

Juat Ying
Photo credit: Ng Juat Ying

I love standing at the top of the hill at Big Sister’s Island as it offers a bird’s-eye view of the lagoon in Small Sister’s Island juxtaposed against a background of big ships and offshore industrial facilities. It reminds me that our first Marine Park is like a gem ‘hidden’ within Singapore’s busy shipping lanes. 
Ng Juat Ying, Project Manager (Coastal & Marine)

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Goh Geok Kee 3/14/2017 12:45:56 PM

The write out of each park is very well written. It entires me to explore the area. These photographs are well taken.
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