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  • Playing In Nature

    Playing In Nature

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    Nature playgardens are designed with biophilic elements and natural materials meant for the young to engage in child-directed spontaneous play. Discover three playgardens perfect for kids to enjoy while learning about nature.

  • Eight Must-see Spots in Lakeside Garden

    Eight Must-see Spots in Lakeside Garden

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Lakeside Garden is the new hot spot to go to get all your favourite Instagram pixs. Here are eight locations – some still relatively secret nodes – you have to visit!

  • Day Out with Your Pets

    Day Out with Your Pets

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Are you a pet owner looking for pet-friendly places to explore? Here are five suggestions for places to go and things to do in our green spaces with your canine friends.

  • Relooking 10 Singapore Icons

    Relooking 10 Singapore Icons

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Singapore turns 54 this year! In celebration of this birthday, we re-examine 10 local icons, presenting interesting facts and figures about them that you may not know about.

  • A Tireless Supporter Of Nature

    A Tireless Supporter Of Nature

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Find out how Mrs Kirtida Mekani was inspired to start the Plant-A-Tree programme and why she decided to encourage others to care for our natural heritage.

  • Going Green With Blue Jeans

    Going Green With Blue Jeans

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    You've owned your favourite pair of jeans for the better part of this decade, and loved them since Day 1.But the time has come to part ways - the jeans are getting worn out from old age, and your waist size isn't exactly what it used to be. And it is always with some sadness that you say goodbye to the faithful denims that accompanied you all the way from campus days to casual Fridays at the office.

  • A Chugging Good Time

    A Chugging Good Time

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    I spent a considerable part of my childhood in Tiong Bahru as my family used to live in the vicinity. I remember accompanying my mum to the wet market in the mornings and having breakfast at the food centre after that. For years, even after we moved away from Tiong Bahru, my dad would make a trip down at least once a month to get his hair cut by his regular barber. Till today, my mum still goes to the Tiong Bahru market on weekends, because she claims the produce there is fresher.

  • Journey Through The West

    Journey Through The West

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    In the famous Chinese classical novel 'Journey To The West', the Monkey God and his companions embarked on an epic quest to bring back Buddhist scripture. Along the way, they fought battles with demons, forged wide rivers, and scaled mountains and volcanoes.

  • The Roots Of A Birthday Celebration

    The Roots Of A Birthday Celebration

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    When your birthday falls on a Saturday, there’s a good chance that you’d exercise the option of sleeping in. But the morning of Ada Loo’s birthday found her at MacRitchie Reservoir Park at the bright and early hour of 8.30 am – all geared up and ready to plant trees with her family and friends. With so many possible things to do on a birthday morning, why plant trees? The birthday girl’s sister, Lisa, came up with the idea after reading about the Plant-A-Tree programme in NParks’ e-newsletter. “My sister always finds something for us to do,” quipped Ada. “Something that benefits, you know?”

  • Gourmet Pleasures In The Ginger Garden

    Gourmet Pleasures In The Ginger Garden

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Halia, which is Malay for ‘ginger’, is nestled within the Ginger Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This aptly named restaurant is familiar to foodies in Singapore, with a reputation for its good food, excellent service, and unique ambience.

  • Getting To Know The City In A Garden

    Getting To Know The City In A Garden

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    In Singapore, greenery is quite literally everywhere. And for this young American expat couple, it has been a constant feature of their lives here. On the day that Alli and Kyle Proffitt first arrived in Singapore, they were both struck by the greenery that greeted them immediately.

  • A Garden Proposal – She Said Yes!

    A Garden Proposal – She Said Yes!

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Both Jamie and I are journalists for a local newspaper. With the help of a friend, I devised a plan to trick her to the Gardens on the pretext of covering a story. I created a fake press event and release, and collaborated with Jamie's editor to send her on this assignment.

  • Cast Your Lines at Bedok Jetty

    Cast Your Lines at Bedok Jetty

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Bedok Jetty, a popular angling spot, is but a short jaunt away from the city centre and its accompanying rat race. Located right in the midst of bustling East Coast Park, it has still preserved a unique brand of serenity.

  • A Feast Fit for Kings, in the Heart of the City

    A Feast Fit for Kings, in the Heart of the City

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    The next time hunger pangs strike while you're shopping in town, skip the crowded cafes in the malls and head for Dhoby Ghaut Green instead. This one-year-old park, located just above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, is a welcome oasis in the busy commercial area. Weary shoppers find this a perfect spot to rest their tired feet in the quietness of the park. We were there for a different reason - to dine at the popular Sakura International Buffet Restaurant, situated in the middle of Dhoby Ghaut Green.

  • Sand-sational Fun

    Sand-sational Fun

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Situated in East Coast Park, Castle Beach is a social enterprise that promotes family bonding through sandcastle building.

  • The Istana's Green Guardian

    The Istana's Green Guardian

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Located in the heart of the city, the Istana is a green lung amid Singapore's metropolitan bustle. Standing on what used to be a nutmeg plantation, the Istana domain is a treasure trove of flora and fauna.

  • Running In The Great Outdoors

    Running In The Great Outdoors

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Derrick came to Singapore in 2009 to pursue his dream in the entertainment industry. Despite his hectic schedule, he still finds time to run at least four to five times a week, and counts East Coast Park among his favourite running spots.

  • Blooming Wedding Bells: A Tropical English Garden Wedding

    Blooming Wedding Bells: A Tropical English Garden Wedding

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Ilinadiah Ismail fell head over heels in love with the idea of an English Garden theme, and its romantic, dreamy feel. When her boyfriend Sophan Basir popped the question after nine years of dating, Ili did not hesitate to translate her garden vision into reality.


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