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  • Our Streetside Companions

    Our Streetside Companions

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    How many streetside trees can you identify? Learn more about eight common trees that line our roads.

  • Yummy Yakitori Grilled to Perfection

    Yummy Yakitori Grilled to Perfection

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    In the heart of Bishan-AMK Park is ToriYard, a Japanese restaurant serving up quality yakitori and other delicious delights.

  • Three Long Runs

    Three Long Runs

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    If you enjoy running on long routes, it may appear that you have run out of space on this small island. But link up our various park connectors to enjoy a little bit of greenery and wildlife en-route to some underrated running spaces.

  • Flora Fauna Fraud

    Flora Fauna Fraud

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Certain animals and plants are masters of disguise that use deception to survive. From leaf-like animals in forested areas to a plant that ‘lures’ insects to their deaths with a sweet scent, learn how some of our local flora and fauna use ‘fraud’ to their advantage.

  • A Fabulous Time At The Fabulous Baker Boy

    A Fabulous Time At The Fabulous Baker Boy

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Looking for a place to have a good meal and fabulous dessert? Check out the Fabulous Baker Boy at the foot of Fort Canning Park.

  • Taking A Ride Through The Northern Explorer Loop

    Taking A Ride Through The Northern Explorer Loop

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Wondering where to cycle during the weekends? Looking for a bit of a challenge? How about checking out a stretch of the Northern Explorer Loop?

  • Seeking Gardening Volunteers!

    Seeking Gardening Volunteers!

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Love the outdoors and have a green thumb? Join HortPark’s new volunteering programme for gardeners. The “HortPark Care for Plants” programme is open to interested members of public of all ages. It provides you with opportunities to share your knowledge and gardening skills with others.

  • Home-cooked Goodness In A Garden

    Home-cooked Goodness In A Garden

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    I was pretty stoked about my mission to review Oasis Taiwan Porridge Restaurant at Toa Payoh Town Park. It has an illustrious history dating back to when it was located at Kallang, next to the Indoor Stadium. For 35 years, it built up a solid reputation for serving authentic Taiwanese dishes, and attracted large droves who frequented the restaurant at all hours of the day. Oasis moved to Toa Payoh Town Park about a year ago, and it is now a popular dining haunt for old and young alike.

  • Afternoon Delight: Sweet Treats at Bishan Park

    Afternoon Delight: Sweet Treats at Bishan Park

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    The Green Room is a nice, cosy vegetarian café tucked amidst lush greenery in Bishan Park. Its latest offering, "Afternoon Tea in the Park", is available on weekdays, from 2pm to 5pm, at just $12++ per person.

  • A ‘Happee’ Day At HortPark

    A ‘Happee’ Day At HortPark

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    For most of the children who visit HortPark, the gardening hub, playing in a park comes as a most natural thing to do. But when you’re a kid who’s living with cancer, opportunities to run about and play may not always come so easily. And so, on 31 October 2010, HortPark was transformed into a carnival ground for “Happee Day”, planned especially for 50 young folks from the Children Cancer Foundation.

  • ‘Tis The Season To Be… Green

    ‘Tis The Season To Be… Green

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Christmas is traditionally celebrated with the giving and receiving of presents. During the 2010 Christmas season, partners of the Garden City Fund decided they would give back to the environment as well. At Takashimaya Shopping Centre, customers making use of the complimentary gift-wrapping service were encouraged to donate to the Garden City Fund with every present wrapped. The funds collected at the gift-wrapping counters would then be used to plant trees all around Singapore at a later date.

  • A Concert Fit For Kings

    A Concert Fit For Kings

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    On the night of 19 November, the two painted kings in the Kings of Freedom exhibit at Bedok Reservoir Park remained regal and silent – as indeed they do every night. But they were the exception. All around them, the park was abuzz and alight with excitement and energy.

  • The Rockin’ Outdoors: Concerts At Fort Canning

    The Rockin’ Outdoors: Concerts At Fort Canning

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Fort Canning Park has hosted countless concerts and music festivals over the years. From WOMAD in the last decade to the globally-broadcasted F1 Rocks in 2009, and even the high energy Deftones gig earlier this year – this historical park routinely packs in the crowds for sell-out concerts. You might wonder: why would concertgoers brave Singapore’s renowned humidity and volatile weather, to rock out in an open-air setting? Besides the unique atmosphere created by the age-old trees, screening the venue from its surrounding cityscape, there are a number of practical reasons for its popularity.

  • A Fine Dining Gem At Labrador Nature Park

    A Fine Dining Gem At Labrador Nature Park

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    With the arrival of Eco Gourmet Café, Labrador Nature Park has added fine dining as the latest feather in its cap.

  • A Dog’s Life In The Lion City

    A Dog’s Life In The Lion City

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    You may know of West Coast Park as the quieter, less crowded version of its eastern sibling. Besides its rustic charm, rarely found elsewhere in this city, this park has also received a paw-stamp of approval – from dogs and their owners. On the evening of 20 February, the dogs were out in full force, enjoying the Dog Fun @ the Dog Run event.

  • Zooming in on Safety with Skateline

    Zooming in on Safety with Skateline

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    In a particularly quiet corner of Bishan Park, you can often observe groups of adults on inline skates, taking small, deliberate movements within an enclosed rink. Some seem to be trying hard not to flail their outstretched arms while keeping their balance. Others appear to be in deep concentration, controlling their less-than-steady gait. This controlled environment, a stark contrast to the sight of other inline skaters whizzing freely through the park, is where beginner inline skaters receive their first lesson on wheels.

  • The Anti-Littering Movement Goes Online

    The Anti-Littering Movement Goes Online

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Just what do guerillas, a gorilla, and a genie all have in common? Apart from beginning with the letter “g”, these were the subjects featured in the top three winning entries in the "Love Green: Just Bin It!" video competition.

  • Mid-Autumn Magic At Bishan Park

    Mid-Autumn Magic At Bishan Park

    Recreation and ActivitiesLifestyle

    Ask your friends about the origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the responses may vary. Many will grasp at childhood memories of a legend where a young Chinese maiden escaped to the moon. Or was it about the Chinese inciting a rebellion against the Yuan Dynasty by placing messages inside mooncakes? Still, what everyone does get right is the meaning of the festival today. There is lantern-carrying, mooncake-eating, and merry-making. For just one night, we take a break from our hectic lives, and take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the full moon.


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