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In this issue, we are giving away three Singapore Botanic Gardens’ “Learning Forest Motif” Cutlery-on-the-go sets.

Contest Apr 2021


Who doesn’t like holidays where most of us get to enjoy a rest day off work or school? However, there are other significant ‘days’ that are not public holidays, that we should also celebrate. On 22 April, we mark Earth Day, an important time for us to renew our commitment to environmental protection. Find out six reasons why trees are important and join in our OneMillionTrees movement, to do your part to protect our Earth.


This month, we also celebrate rabbits in our ‘Hop, Hop, Hurray’ article. Having kept rabbits as pets, I must say they are such adorable and fun companions. Just remember to be responsible and think carefully before rushing out to get a bunny – a pet is for life.


There is so much to learn about our flora, fauna and pets. You can read more at our NParks Buzz microsite or watch videos at our NParksSG YouTube. For the social ones, we have our latest TikTok too!


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