Contest Feb 2021

In this issue, we are giving away three A Guide to the Bees of Singapore book.



From tiny honey-producing stingless bees to larger wood-excavating carpenter bees, this informative guide that is a collaboration between the National Parks Board and the National University of Singapore reveals the remarkable diversity of bees found in various habitats across Singapore. Simply answer the questions below and you could be a lucky winner!

In the article, “
Have An ‘Ox-spicious’ New Year we introduce you to six flora and fauna found in Singapore that appear to be associated with cattle.

According to the article,

●      The Creeping Ox-eye (Sphagneticola trilobata) produces small pretty disc-shaped flowers all year round. What colour is the flower?

●      What does the Cow’s Horn Euphorbia (Euphorbia grandicornis) produce that can irritate the eyes and skin?

Contest closes on 26 Feb 2021. Provide your answers to this link, together with your name, e-mail address, mailing address and contact number.

NParks Buzz Dec 2020 Contest Winners:

Ong Kian Boon
Chia Woon Yuen
Lau Yong Nguan

NParks Buzz Jan 2021 Contest Winners:

Will be announced next month


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