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Explore the Neram Streams, a series of naturalised waterways in Jurong Lake Gardens that is enhanced with plants to benefit dragonflies and damselflies.





In this issue, we are giving away three Singapore Botanic Gardens’ “Learning Forest Motif” Cutlery-on-the-go sets.

Contest Feb 2022


While there are no tigers roaming in our “lion city”, we can still spot its plant and other animal “namesakes” here. Tigers are globally listed as endangered due to illegal wildlife trade, which Singapore has a zero-tolerance stance on, and NParks is committed to protecting biodiversity through enforcement via the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act.

Protecting biodiversity goes beyond just helping our flora and fauna survive in our City in Nature; it is also about promoting the conditions that enable them to thrive. By creating more conducive living environments for wildlife through habitat enhancement and landscape naturalisation, nature can continue to grow well alongside us.

Learn more about the efforts in conserving our natural heritage through our NParks Buzz microsite and NParksSG YouTube channel! For a fun break away from the daily grind, you can always check out our TikTok channel and our list of cool activities to do at home.


  • Felix Siew

Conservation Consultant

  • Shin Koh

Gardening Consultant

  • Dr Wilson Wong


  • Ariene G. Castillo
  • Ry-Anne Lim
  • Sarah Anne Tan
  • Victoria Cheong
  • Wong Yeang Cherng