Making Waves in the East

Living 10 minutes away from East Coast Park, I’ve often seen the colourful sails of windsurfers and sailors from my window. But I never knew that the park was such a popular hub for watersports, until I stepped into Mana Mana East Coast last week.

The entrance to the seasports club is a discreet walkway that few would notice. But once I stepped in and walked through the narrow stone path, I was greeted by greenery on all sides, and it almost seemed like I’d entered a different world.

And indeed I had! For once I reached the club’s main area, I saw another side of East Coast Park. In front of the beach, windsurfers were busy putting together their gear in anticipation of gusty winds, while out on the sea, sailors were skimming the waves, making full use of the afternoon breeze. A couple of students from the windsurfing beginner’s class were polishing up their balancing skills on their boards in the water, supervised by coaches.

“...the atmosphere, the greenery, the sea, and the pool are what I really enjoy...”
- Kato, Windsurfer and member of Mana Mana East Coast

Walking around the area, I got a feel of the great laid-back vibe that Mana Mana’s members love about the place. Many of them are seasports enthusiasts who visit the club every weekend to windsurf, sail or just catch up with friends on the latest wind conditions. “How’s the wind?” is the most common question you’ll hear around the club.

Kato, one of the club’s long-time members, put it perfectly when he said, “I’ve been windsurfing at East Coast for 20 years, so this place is my second home. My friends are here. The atmosphere, the greenery, the sea, and the pool are what I really enjoy.”

Non-members like me, however, were also very warmly welcomed at the restaurant, when we decided to have lunch there. Some of the dishes on offer were steaks, pastas, salads and local dishes, such as laksa. The Chef’s Special Pizza which we ordered, was surprisingly large, just right for two to share. It came with generous toppings of ham and mushrooms. The thin crust was crispy and oozing with cheese. I would definitely return to Mana Mana just to eat their pizzas again! The chicken satay, which came highly recommended, is also worth a try. The tender skewers of meat went perfectly with the addictive chunky peanut sauce. Definitely a cut above the usual satays you find at the hawker centres. The smiling staff, friendly service and great food (at very reasonable prices!) made our lunch a thoroughly enjoyable one. So the next time you’re hankering for a good meal in the area, do drop by at Mana Mana. For the adventurous ones, the club conducts windsurfing and sailing lessons for both members and non-members, and also rents out kayaks. Mana Mana is truly the perfect weekend hideaway, with the sun, sand, sea and even some satay!

Mana Mana East Coast welcomes non-members at its restaurant and watersports centre. For more details on the club and its memberships, check out or call 63398878.

By Melanie Wee

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