Cast Your Lines at Bedok Jetty

Fishing is one of the many ways of spending an afternoon by the beach or in the park. Did you know that one of Singapore’s most beloved parks also houses a popular fishing location?

Bedok Jetty, a popular angling spot, is but a short jaunt away from the city centre and its accompanying rat race. Located right in the midst of bustling East Coast Park, it has still preserved a unique brand of serenity.

Fishing here is a perfect way to meet other like-minded individuals. The stone and concrete pier, a former military jetty, has sheltered fixtures and stone benches that can accommodate several fishing groups. Its walkway stretches more than 300 metres into the sea, making Bedok Jetty the longest of its kind in Singapore.

Bedok Jetty’s popularity with the local fishing community lies in its ability to offer scalable levels of difficulty for anglers. You can go for the challenge of shallow water fishing just off the coast, or head further away to the deeper ends for more intense angling. Because of its wide appeal, it attracts scores of fishing enthusiasts, of various levels of experience, pitching their lines daily.

Since Bedok Jetty offers both shallow and deep water fishing, the potential catches are naturally diversified. There are easily spotted schools of tambans (Sardinella fimbriata) which are widely used as bait, as well as ikan parang, commonly known as ‘sai toh’ to the Chinese. More exotic marine life are up for grabs as you move further along the jetty to engage in surfcasting, a method of fishing where anglers cast their lines into deeper waters. With experience, you may even catch barracuda sharks and stingrays.

Amongst the myriad of fish that can be caught near this jetty, an interesting catch is the Rosy Jewfish (Otolithes ruber syn. Argenteus). This fish sports distinctive canines and can grow up to 70cm long.

And while waiting for the fish to bite, there are plenty of opportunities to socialise. “Although all I can really handle is tamban fishing, it’s really the company that matters. Fishing is a really good activity for my friends and I to catch up while waiting for our bites,” quipped John Chan, 31, a self-professed fishing beginner.

Ismail Arrudin, 45, frequents the jetty with his family every other weekend. “Bedok Jetty holds many memories for me and helps create good family-bonding moments. Every time I catch something, the kids go wild.”

Should you feel the call of the wild, you too can join the regular anglers at Bedok Jetty and get away from the niggling sense of claustrophobia that afflicts many a city-dweller. Enjoy the coastal breeze, and who knows – you may even catch a fish or two.

Be A Considerate Angler!

With so many people fishing regularly in parks, it’s important to keep the area pleasant and clean for all users. Keep in mind these pointers the next time you go fishing:

- ‘Carry In, Carry Out’

When bringing home your catch, do remember also to clear up your belongings and trash. Your boxes, broken lines, and leftover bait will create a terrible stench if they are not disposed of properly.

- Be Prepared to Share

On weekends, Bedok Jetty and other popular fishing locations can be very crowded. You may need to arrive earlier in the day to stake out your favourite spot – otherwise, do expect to wait a while for space to be available. If you are relatively new to fishing, you can also take the opportunity to observe the successes and failures of other anglers!

- Safety First

As an angler, you will be sharing the park with many other users. Do be careful when casting your lines, and make sure your hooks do not pose any risk of injury passersby.

By Jason Woo

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