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  • Gardening With Textures

    Gardening With Textures

    Texture, the surface quality of objects, is an important element in garden design and compositions. A plant’s texture depends largely on the characteristics of its leaves, such as the shape, size, coarseness, smoothness, shade or tint. The concept of texture can also be applied to the appearance of tree barks. In any landscape, you should aim to achieve contrast between various leaf textures.

  • A Fruiting Garden at Serangoon North

    A Fruiting Garden at Serangoon North

    The garden at the Al-Istiqamah Mosque at Serangoon North Road is as fruitful as it is beautiful. Visitors are greeted by colourful flowering plants andkampong fruit trees in a well-planned, harmonious landscape design. To think that this lush garden was but a vacant grass plot just five years ago!

  • Soap: An Environmentally-Friendly Insecticide

    Soap: An Environmentally-Friendly Insecticide

    Responsible gardeners usually avoid using synthetic chemical pesticides at the first sign of pest infestation. As an environmentally-friendly solution, you can concoct a pesticide using the humble bar of hand soap.

  • Grow Your Own Perennial Leafy Vegetables

    Grow Your Own Perennial Leafy Vegetables

    Vegetable gardens are rewarding, but are often viewed as high-maintenance. This is because they tend to feature annual food plants like various Chinese cabbages, cucumbers, lady’s fingers and chillis – which require frequent replanting.