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  • CIB Ambassador: Mr Yeap Khek Teong

    CIB Ambassador: Mr Yeap Khek Teong

    Have you ever dreamt of greening up your workplace, by bringing together people from different departments to create a community garden? Perhaps you have a lifeless plot of land around your building which can be transformed into a favourite spot for staff to meet up before and after work. Or maybe you secretly wish for a club where you could exchange gardening ideas with like-minded colleagues. All these and more were created by Mr Yeap Khek Teong, Vice President (Quality, Safety and Security Controls) of ST Kinetics.

  • Create Your Own Hanging Gardens

    Create Your Own Hanging Gardens

    You can grow a range of plants from pots and baskets that hang from the wall or ceiling. While there is a wide range of suitable planters available on the market, you can also adapt the concept to create innovative and exciting plant displays that will make good conversational pieces.

  • Herbs in High-rise Habitats

    Herbs in High-rise Habitats

    "Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme..." The herbs of this song, together with majoram, oregano and bay, are commonly used to spice up Western dishes. These culinary herbs originate from the Mediterranean region and can be challenging to grow in tropical Singapore.

  • Do Your Own Composting

    Do Your Own Composting

    Compost is a valuable addition to many community gardens. When mixed with the existing soil, which comprises clay colloids with poor permeability and little organic matter, it helps plants to grow better. The best compost can be found in the under-storey of most tropical primary rainforests. An easier alternative would be to purchase it from nurseries or try making it on your own.

  • Gravel - A Good Planting Media

    Gravel - A Good Planting Media

    Gardeners often use stem-cuttings to multiply a wide variety of shrubs. A crucial factor of success is the type of media that you choose to plant the cutting. What makes a good media?

  • From Garden To Kitchen: Spicing Up Your Life!

    From Garden To Kitchen: Spicing Up Your Life!

    When I first approached Kak Kamisah, an excellent cook, to share a recipe, I was expecting just one or two. This enthusiastic and helpful lady rattled off a whole list of snacks that she thought would be great for me to try my hand at.