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  • Two Ladies and the Printing Press

    Two Ladies and the Printing Press

    Near the exit of the Marketplace at last November's 20th World Orchid Conference, surrounded by booths selling orchid plants from Peru, Taiwan and elsewhere in the world, was a booth decorated with bags, notebooks and other paper products for sale. Next to the youthful looks of the lady manning the booth, the floral and nature prints on the products looked oddly old-fashioned, almost 19th century, with their inked designs and letterpress feel.

  • A Garden of Healing

    A Garden of Healing

    Betel nut, Thai ginger, nutmeg. What would your reply be if you were asked what they are commonly used for? If you reply that they are good for eating or for flavouring food, you are right. But did you know they have healing properties, too?

  • Walking with Giants

    Walking with Giants

    'Primary Rainforest'. How nostalgic to hear the term being mentioned by our guide, Paul. He was explaining that we were standing in what was the last main area of primary rainforest left in Singapore - the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

  • Two Bikes and A PCN: An Unexpected Marriage Proposal

    Two Bikes and A PCN: An Unexpected Marriage Proposal

    When should a cycling enthusiast propose to the girl he loves? During a cycling trip, of course! And that was precisely what Toh Han Boon did back in October 2011.