Good Food for a Good Cause - Truly Food For Thought

Like a gem hidden amid the greenery, Food For Thought is tucked away in a corner of Singapore Botanic Gardens, just a stone's throw away from the Visitor Services Counter (Tanglin Gate).

I was introduced to the place by a friend, who had raved about the All Day Breakfast Brunch. This being my first time to Food For Thought, I just had to try it out after hearing so much about it! For my set, I chose the chunky sausages, scrambled eggs with cream, hash browns, and garlic mushrooms. Not only were the individual items tasty, portions were enough to serve as starters for two.

If you are looking to stock up on your energy-giving carbohydrates for the day, be sure to try out this feel-good breakfast, available from 7.30am till 5.30pm. Another favourite would be the Bacon Potato Onion salad, a version slightly different from the usual potato salad. Instead of boiled potatoes, roasted ones made the dish especially fragrant. The lemon thyme vinaigrette which accompanied the salad also lent a zesty taste to the salad.

My companion had the Cuban Ham and Pulled Pork grilled burger, which she shared a portion with me. The meat was well-marinated, with a generous topping of BBQ sauce and Kaffir Lime Mayo. What surprised me were the soft pineapple chunks stashed between pieces of meat, which went so well with the savoury flavour of the burger.

I would definitely recommend this to any of my meat-loving friends. Dessert was the Hazelnut and Chocolate cake, which was sinfully rich with a delightful bottom layer of crispy wafer. This sweet treat is a great perk-me-up, or for replenishing spent energy after a walk in the gardens.

The Food For Thought outlet at the Gardens is the newest after the one at Queen's Street - the outlet at North Bridge Road is now closed. The newly-opened restaurant sports clean lines in its décor, combining the use of cement, wood and plants to create a comfortable, cozy environment.

Not just a mere food and beverage outlet, Food For Thought's owners believe in giving customers a good time in the gardens and hold fast to five mottos to achieve that aim: (1) Savour every minute, (2) Enjoy every bite, (3) Love your family, (4) Hug the trees, and (5) Spread the word. These mottos are why the restaurant was designed to be a place to relax and relish one's food.

Food For Thought is also a family-oriented food outlet, with a child-friendly menu and a playground in the restaurant's premises. Food For Thought also channels part of its profits into charitable causes, such as programmes that give clean water and food to the poor. Such efforts provide food for thought indeed - while I am enjoying my meal, what are the poor and the orphaned surviving on? How can we help? There is nothing like good food for a good cause that makes a satisfying meal, and Food For Thought manages to do just that.

Food For Thought is open  Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 9pm, and Friday to Saturday, 8am to 10pm.
If you wish to learn more about the restaurant or the causes they support, you can visit them online.

We have five sets of cake and drink to give away to diners of Food For Thought at the Singapore Botanic Gardens!
Simply answer a question for your chance to win.

By Emmalyn Lai
Photos provided by Food For Thought.

Cuban Ham and Pulled Pork Grilled Burger – a full-flavoured main dish that would satisfy any meat lover.

The easy, relaxed ambience of the restaurant is perfect for customers to catch up over meals and relax the afternoon away.

A playground sits in the restaurant’s spacious premises, perfect for children to run wild in.

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