Making Chia Pets is Fun!

Ever thought of learning a simple and fun way of growing plants? How about making your own unique Chia Pet! What is a Chia Pet you say? It was originally a terracotta figure with grooves on which Chia (Salvinia hispanica) seeds were spread to grow. It originated in the United States and is still popular there. Now with a bit of your own imagination, you can create your very own Chia Pet!

Bonding with the family

Making a Chia Pet is fun for the whole family as it is suitable for all ages. Plus, you can make Chia Pets of various shapes and sizes. The method we use is dirt-free as it does not involve using soil mix and it utilises everyday materials that are easily obtainable and can be recycled.

Beyond Chia seeds

The use of Chia seeds is not necessary; what you need is innovation and imagination to suit your needs and wants. For this demonstration, we used wheatgrass seeds (Triticum aestivum). Wheat grass is a fast-growing plant and you will be thrilled to see how fast they shoot up! Wheatgrass is often used to make wheatgrass juice and is said to improve blood circulation and digestion as well as neutralise toxins in the body.

Besides its health benefits, wheatgrass also has a minimalistic feel to it and can be used to brighten up any area in the house, be it the kitchen, living room or bedroom. Other seeds you can try out include the snow pea (Pisum sativum var. saccharatum) and green beans (Vigna radiata). For this sample, we will be making a caterpillar. But each Chia Pet is unique, so let your creative juices flow!


  • A few pairs of old pantyhose
  • Cotton wool
  • Stick-on Eyes
  • Pipe cleaners of various colors
  • Craft wire
  • Silicon glue/double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Wheatgrass seeds


1.    Cut off the lower half of one leg of the panty hose. Stuff in cotton wool until the panty hose is firm yet pliable.

2.    Shape and tie off one segment with a piece of thread to make the 'head' of the caterpillar.


3.    Slide the Wheatgrass seeds down into the pantyhose.

Make sure that the Wheatgrass seeds are spread in an even layer across one side of the panty hose.

4.    Tie a knot on the pantyhose and cut off the excess fabric. Then, using pieces of thread, tie the pantyhose into segments to make the caterpillar body.

5.    Now you are ready for the fun part! Using double-sided tape, stick on the eyes, then cut and bend the antennae into shape using the pipe cleaners and stick them onto the caterpillar. Finally, water your Chia Pet until the cotton wool is damp. The seeds should sprout in a few days!

Maintaining your Chia Pet

The Chia Pet is simple to maintain - just make sure that the cotton wool is moist all the time. The seeds are able to germinate indoors and are fuss-free. To encourage growth after germination, place the Chia Pet under a table lamp or near a window.

Ready for Wheatgrass juice?

Once your Wheatgrass have grown long, you may harvest them. Cut the Wheatgrass with a clean pair of scissors above the pantyhose. Place the Wheatgrass into a blender with water and blend. Then, using a strainer, remove the Wheatgrass pieces from the juice and just drink it up fresh!


By Jane Li

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