A Passionate Ambassador for Skyrise Greening

One of the perks of working on skyrise greenery is getting an exclusive view of Universal Studios Singapore from its rooftop garden, which is not opened to the public.

Climbing up a cat ladder and getting an exclusive bird's eye view of Universal Studios Singapore (USS) at Resorts World Sentosa was something Nur Faezah Mohd Sanif, 30, didn't expect she would be doing when she first started her job as a manager in the Skyrise Greenery team under the Horticulture and Community Gardening Division in the National Parks Board.

As part of her work, Faezah aids building managers in setting up skyrise greenery – either as a rooftop garden or a vertical green wall. Hence, inspecting the possible sites to examine the environmental conditions, measuring of the area and assessing its suitability has brought her to many building rooftops with great views that are inaccessible to the general public.

Why the passion for skyrise greenery?

Greening rooftops and walls will reduce the heat effect of a built-up environment and helps to soften the harsh cityscape.

Faezah said, "My job is to promote and encourage the installation of skyrise greenery to both public and private developers, and to raise the awareness among professionals such as architects, landscape architects and building managers about the value of skyrise greenery. In addition, I also promote it to members of the public." Faezah continues. "As Singapore is highly urbanised and land is scarce, there is little available space for greenery. Hence, skyrise greenery is the new frontier in greening. Plus, it has the benefits of mitigating the heat effect of a built-up environment like ours, and helps to soften the harsh concrete-and-glass urban landscape. Skyrise greenery also provides a much-needed ‘green lung' and space for people working and living in such an environment to relax and unwind. Thus, I personally value the concept of skyrise greenery."

What's a typical day at work like?
A typical day in Faezah's job would be to visit developments which are keen to have rooftop gardens or vertical walls, meet up with the relevant parties and discuss ideas, resources, technical requirements, and explore possible funding opportunities.

She also visits existing sites under the NParks Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme to aid applicants with the application, reimbursement, and also troubleshoot existing green roof issues and problems. Through these regular visits, Faezah gets to connect with building developers, architects, industry players. Occasionally, she organises sharing sessions where everyone can come together to exchange ideas and solutions on how to improve skyrise greenery practices in Singapore.

"My job can be summarised in one word – exhilarating!" quips Faezah. "Skyrise greenery is exciting and fun. I get to see new and ground-breaking ideas in the incorporation of greenery into the built environment. Most importantly, I get to influence others to bringing greenery closer to their everyday lives." 

Skyrise greenery is not just for the outdoors. It is just as effective indoors in softening bare walls. Here, Faezah stands amid the lush vertical greenery of an office at Cecil Street.

It helps that Faezah also enjoys working with people from different industries as well as members of the public. "It's fulfilling and enriching to share my knowledge and passion on greenery and nature, and to inspire them to bring nature and greenery closer to their lives in their homes and workplace. Plus, I also get to visit several interesting sites with very nice views of the city!"

But the satisfaction of the job doesn't end with the perks of spectacular views from rooftops.

"What I like about my job is that I know I'm contributing towards the greening of Singapore vertically through promoting and raising awareness of skyrise greenery. Rapid urbanisation is a challenge, but landscape engineering methods have enabled us to easily integrate greenery to the built environment. We just have to find creative solutions to continue our vision of transforming Singapore into a city in a garden."

By Ang Wee Foong & Nur Faezah Mohd Sanif

For more information about skyrise greenery, do visit the website.

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