The Fragrant Garden is open!

Located just a 5-minute walk from the Visitor Centre, the 1-hectare Fragrant Garden currently has over 30 species of trees, shrubs, cacti and herbaceous plants with either fragrant leaves, flowers, fruits or rhizomes. Some of the fragrant blooms attract butterflies, which visitors can spot in the day.

Visitors can also explore the garden in the evening, as that’s when many of the plants give off their scents. At the same time, some of these flowers are pollinated by moths, which can be observed in the garden after dark.

The sign at the Fragrant Garden incorporates a design of the Tembusu tree flower. The blossom of this native tree gives off a rich sweet-smelling scent in the evening.

Over the year, more than 100 fragrant plant species will be added to the collection at the Garden. But do be patient; as the garden is newly planted, it will take about a year for the plants to be established.

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bracelets 6/5/2013 12:19:06 PM

I love this park. Fragrant Garden is very beautiful.
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