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  • Exploring with sParks*

    Exploring with sParks*

    Eager to explore a park but not sure where to start? Scratching your head over where to head for lunch after a stroll in the Singapore Botanic Gardens? Need to answer nature's call while cycling along a park connector? Well, the newly-launched sParks* App aims to help with all of that. Developed in collaboration with iAPPS, sParks* helps you plan your day at Singapore's parks, gardens and nature reserves, including the Park Connector Network.

  • Huge Fun, Great Benefits – Skating at Night

    Huge Fun, Great Benefits – Skating at Night

    Mulling over what else can be done along our park connectors at night? How about inline skating? Did you know that inline skating offers many health benefits including cardiovascular conditioning, strengthening and toning of muscle? Or that it has less impact on joints as compared to other vigorous exercises? If you do this outdoors, it just gets better as you get to enjoy being close to nature at the same time.

  • Relive Your Memories at Raffles Place Park

    Relive Your Memories at Raffles Place Park

    Evoke memories of your childhood when the playground was your favourite hang-out spot. Take a swing or a spin, or have a picnic, all the while travelling down memory lane. Those are the emotions the Playsets of Yesteryears exhibition hopes to elicit from the public.