Relive Your Memories at Raffles Place Park

For older visitors, the merry-go-round and sand-covered ground bring back childhood memories, while children create new memories while playing on them.

If you have passed by Raffles Place Park recently, you would have noticed that it has been transformed into a large playground.

If you were born in the 1970s or 1980s, you will remember sand-based playgrounds with swings, see-saws and merry-go-rounds. That is what NParks has tried to recreate at Raffles Place Park.

Children having fun with some of the old playsets.

In commemorating 50 years of greening Singapore, NParks has, for the first time, brought in some of these nostalgic playsets for you to relive your playground memories.

From now till 19 May, you can play on these playsets at Raffles Place Park. To add to the ambience at Raffles Place, trees such as Syzygium zeylanicum and Planchonella obovata were transplanted to the area as part of the temporary installation. Park benches and picnic sets were also added to simulate a park setting.

In addition to some old-fashioned playsets like garden swings, visitors to the exhibition can rest at picnic tables or read up on some of Singapore’s oldest and more popular parks.

There is also an exhibition on the history of 12 popular parks such as Toa Payoh Town Park, Kent Ridge Park, Mount Faber Park and the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Activities such as picnics with traditional street food, an art session, and a yoga workshop will also be organised to add vibrancy to the area.

Fret not if you cannot make it down to Raffles Place Park. The playsets will be roving to East Coast Park (June to July), Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (mid-August to mid-October), and Singapore Botanic Gardens (November to December). So, mark these dates down for your dose of nostalgia!

At the same time, other activities have been arranged to commemorate 50 years of greening Singapore:

Picnic tables, traditional snacks and a nice sunny day all make for a memorable day in the park and for sharing your memories with irememberParks.

In conjunction with the roving exhibition, we would like to invite you to share your memories or old photographs of your experiences in parks at Alternatively, simply fill up a postcard at our booth located within the exhibition area.

Heritage Tree NETS Flashpay card
NParks has also partnered NETS to produce a limited edition FlashPay card bearing the image of a Heritage Tree – the iconic Tembusu tree at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. An image of the same tree can also be found on the Singapore $5 note. It can be purchased for $5 at TransitLink counters. The card can also be used to make quick payments for transport and retail purchases throughout Singapore.

Apart from the regular perks offered by NETS, cardholders can also enjoy special discounts of up to $4.20 per ticket at Gardens by the Bay and up to S$3 at the National Orchid Garden of Singapore Botanic Gardens from now until end of 2013.

1963 Commemorative Tree Planting
As part of the commemorative activities, 1,963 trees have been set aside for the public to plant from June to November. Funds raised will be used to enhance the biodiversity and heritage value of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Visit the 50 years of Greening Singapore website for more activities, updates and information. Find us on Facebook.

By Lena Han
Photos by Jean Louise Lee and Lam Yan Hoe.

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