Ask the Experts – Issue 20

Question: After reading your latest issue of My Green Space, please advise how to maintain and care for the plant in the photo, which I believe is the Cane Plant. I have a pot indoors and no matter whether I put it in direct or indirect sunlight, and watering sparingly, it keeps dying on me. Thank you. - Tony Tan Answer: This plant is commonly known as Iron Plant or Tie Shu (scientific name: Dracaena fragrans). It is a common houseplant that is effective for reducing indoor air pollutants. The plant in the photo shows a plant grown from stem cuttings. The plant prefers well-draining soils and partial shade. Growing indoors might not provide it with sufficient light. It should be grown near the window where there’s some sun, and also the pot which it is grown in should have holes to drain the excess water. Plants should only be watered when the soil is dry. - Ang Wee Foong Ask the Expert team is made up of NParks horticultural and gardening experts. If you have any questions on plants or plant-related subjects, please send your question to Ask the Experts at
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Wendy 1/20/2014 5:57:38 PM

How to grow airplant. Initially the airplant is growing well, however, after a few weeks its petal begin to dried up and fall apart. I watered the plant sparingly be sprinkle water on alternate days. The Airplant is place indoor well ventilated.

sheldon 7/22/2014 11:39:12 AM

My mum used to put cotton wool on the top of the stem and kept it moist. Her Iron plants grew quite well this way. Not sure if this method still applies today.

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