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Issue 28 Contest

Win! Discover forgotten stories and secrets of the Singapore Botanic Gardens in A Walk Through History: A Guide to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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Are you in the habit of making New Year resolutions?

Whether you actually formulate a list or just hold some vague notions in your head, resolutions are basically our wishes to live a better life in the months ahead.

Many people wish to eat more healthily, or to lose some weight, or maybe to finally get that elusive driving license! Others may want to try skydiving or how about finally making the time to travel to that dream destination?

Well, how about doing more to connect with nature or to enjoy Singapore’s many open green spaces? This issue, we offer you some ideas to do just that. And with the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day just weeks away, there are even more reasons to celebrate and embrace the possibilities new beginnings bring.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make 2016 a memorable year filled with great memories and exciting adventures!

Felix Siew


  • Felix Siew

Conservation Consultant

  • Shin Koh

Gardening Consultant

  • Dr Wilson Wong


  • Cheo Pei Rong
  • Dr Wilson Wong
  • Herrick Ong
  • Jaiya Mutharasu
  • Jasper Ku Wei
  • Nicholas Yeo
  • Shee Zhi Qiang
  • Tan Hui Min
  • Wong Yeang Cherng
  • Pearl Ho