Get Creative with Garden Creepers!

It is a new year, so why not try something different? Not many people use creepers and climbers for their floral arrangements, but with a little creativity and time, you can come up with a special centrepiece. Learn how to use the Antigonon leptopus (Coral Vine) to create a festive creative arrangement for 2016!

Plant Feature
Commonly known as the Coral Vine, Antigonon leptopus is a fast-growing climbing vine that holds via tendrils, and is able to reach 25 feet or more in length. The fragrant flowers are bright pink or white (of the ‘Alba’ cultivar), and attract bees and butterflies alike.

Note that the choice of flowers and materials below are for reference only. Feel free to swap out the flowers and materials to express your creativity. The materials can be bought from commercial nurseries, handicraft and art supplies stores. The permutations of materials that can be used are endless.

Materials needed:

  • Cut stalks of Antigonon leptopus
  • Rectangular clay dish
  • Pine bark
  • White rattan balls
  • Test tubes
  • Silver floral wire
  • Glue gun

Step 1
Use a silver floral wire to secure the test tube within the rattan ball. Ensure the test tube fits snugly inside, and will not come loose.

Step 2 Arrange the rattan balls in the rectangular clay dish in a cascading pattern so as to ‘create space’. Secure them by using hot glue to attach each ball to the base of the clay dish. All test tubes should be angled at upright positions as well, as the cut flowers will require water in order to keep them looking fresh.

Step 3 Scatter pieces of pine bark to fully cover the space around the rattan balls. The layer of pine bark should be thick enough to give a texture of its own, and yet conceal the base of the clay dish.

Step 4 Start to insert a single stalk of Coral Vine into the test tube, allowing the stem to sprawl naturally over the rattan balls. Continue filling in the remaining test tubes.

Step 5 Fill in all test tubes with water to complete. Your arrangement is now ready for display!


Care Tips

  • You can add a type of additive known as flower food to the water for the blooms to last longer
  • Other cuttings that can be used include: Passiflora flowers, miniature Phalaenopsis orchids and ivy leaves.

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Text and photos by Pearl Ho and Herrick Ong

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