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  • History, Heritage and Honour

    History, Heritage and Honour

    A visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens offers you a chance to learn about history, appreciate heritage and honour the efforts of our Chief Gardener.

  • Where the ‘Wild’ Ones Are

    Where the ‘Wild’ Ones Are

    With the sun out, children will want to play! For a fun family day out, we recommend these five great playgrounds, with special and whimsically-designed play equipment.

  • Weird Wonderful Wildlife

    Weird Wonderful Wildlife

    Are you familiar with our local wildlife? Here are eight of the weirdest but most wonderful flora and fauna that can be found right here in Singapore.

  • NParks Portraits: Why I Love Gardening!

    NParks Portraits: Why I Love Gardening!

    Anyone can be a good gardener, says Natalie Cheong. “One gardening myth is that you need green fingers to grow something, but this is totally untrue.” She goes on to explain that after buying a plant, you should study the conditions the plant will grow best in and follow them. Natalie adds, “Trust me, it will flourish!”

  • A Fusion Journey for your Taste Buds

    A Fusion Journey for your Taste Buds

    Perched amidst Fort Canning’s greenery is Lewin Terrace, an intriguing Japanese-French fusion fine dining restaurant. The restaurant is located in a charming black and white bungalow, which was once the residence of the Chief of the Central Fire Station found on Hill Street.