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SBG 2017 Calendar Cover

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Do you know that an estimated 384 species of birds, 318 species of butterflies and about 255 species of hard coral also call this city state of ours home! That’s pretty remarkable for a country famed for her gleaming skyscrapers and shopping malls!

But we are truly living in a City in a Garden. In this issue, we meet a Conservation Outreach Manager who spreads the conservation message. We then travel to the heart of the central business district to discover six parks tucked in between office towers and shops.

And while you are probably familiar with the iconic Bandstand and Swan Lake in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, how about discovering six lesser known gardens found within walking distance to these famed sights?

After two years of restoration work, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve has reopened – we check out three uniquely Singaporean residents. And if that’s still not enough biodiversity, we highlight five threatened native flora and fauna species that have been identified this year for species recovery efforts.

As we round up the year, let’s celebrate how great it is to live in our rich Biodiverse-city!


  • Felix Siew

Conservation Consultant

  • Shin Koh

Gardening Consultant

  • Dr Wilson Wong


  • Ashley Tan
  • Jasper Ku
  • Low Bing Wen
  • Lynn Wong
  • Jasper Ku
  • Lynn Wong
  • Tan Yong Hui
  • Wong Yeang Cherng