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In the latest video, we show you three exciting nature spots near Labrador Park MRT station!







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It’s that time of year again to fly our flag proudly! In this issue of My Green Space, we celebrate the little things we share that make us Singaporean, and look at what makes us proud of our nation.

Two things close to Singaporeans’ hearts: food and fun! Some of our favourite foods wouldn’t be the same without local plants. And we Singaporeans know how to have fun; just look at our Instagram feeds! For you shutterbugs, we’ve sussed out many 'Instagram-worthy' green spaces to get those fun, attention-grabbing shots. Come October, get set for our Parks Festival, when you can take part in themed activities such as arts, sports and gardening, in five major parks and a few others.

Our little red dot is very much a green dot. We’ve unearthed amazing facts about Singapore being a biodiversity hotspot – bet you didn’t know there are quite a few species named after Singapore! It’s heartening to know that our community works hard to keep Singapore’s natural heritage alive and well through combined efforts such as habitat enhancement.

Don’t be shy and contribute in your own way to Singapore’s vision of a City in a Garden, such as by using more of our pointers to create your own sensory garden. If you’d like to grow impressively sized edibles like big pumpkins and long lady’s fingers, listen up as two winners from our Community Garden Edibles Competition 2016 reveal their green secrets!

As you celebrate Singapore’s beauty and discover the many little delights of being Singaporean, don’t forget to share what you’ve experienced on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


  • Victoria Cheong

Conservation Consultant

  • Shin Koh

Gardening Consultant

  • Dr Wilson Wong


  • Thaddaeus Chong
  • Han Rae Ann
  • Nur Arifah Bte Rahmat
  • Clarissa Sih
  • Rachel Teo
  • Toh Wan Ting
  • Nathalie Vattery Val
  • Tracy Won
  • Jessica Yeo Qi En