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Happy 2018 everyone!

In line with our issue’s theme, ‘Start the year fresh’, we’d like to encourage everyone to cultivate new nature-friendly habits, develop new skills and explore hidden talents and passions.

Try out new activities, such as going on a bird-watching adventure in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve where you may spot rare migratory species. Or unleash your inner artist and give nature sketching a shot at one of the many art-related activities planned in the next few months. For avid bookworms, we have also prepared a selection of interesting nature books for you to fulfil your new year’s reading resolutions.

Don’t worry, we have not forgotten your little ones! Visit the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden in the Singapore Botanic Gardens for them to learn more about some of the edibles that can be grown locally. The garden, after recently seeing a 2 ha extension, is now the largest children’s garden in Asia.

Also, with Chinese New Year just a few weeks away, we have for you some interesting ‘Did-you-knows’ on the Lucky Bamboo and Kumquat, common plants you’ll definitely see this festive season. Also, check out an interesting article by Dr Wilson Wong, our gardening consultant, on the Lucky Bamboo and its family of plants. You’ll definitely get some great conversation starter ideas for when you go meet up with friends and relatives.

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  • Elizabeth Kamaldin

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  • Shin Koh

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  • Dr Wilson Wong


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