Art in Nature: Six Things You Can Look Forward To

You have been to many of the parks and nature areas located all around Singapore, but beyond exercising, picnicking or engaging in other recreational activities, have you ever wanted to do something a little different?

If you have been seeking out a new avenue to get your creative juices flowing, look no further. In 2018, NParks is hosting a number of art-related events in our many gardens and parks just for you.

Sketches of Nature, Jezebel Artists at HortPark, Nature Sketching in the Gardens and Weekends in the Park: Mass Chalk Art Drawing – these are just some of the many activities catered to both young and old, whether amateurs or lifelong artists.

Here are six things you can look forward to if you attend one of such activities!

  1. Watch an artist at work

    Have you ever looked at a beautiful painting or sketch and thought to yourself, ‘Just how did the artist do it?’ If you enjoy appreciating art, find out what goes on behind the scenes in creating some of these masterpieces. In events led by NParks’ volunteer artist, Mr Tham Pui San, expect a live drawing session where you will be able to witness, from start to finish, his watercolour painting and pencil sketching techniques as he draws various scenes in our gardens and parks.

    Mr Tham’s ink and watercolour painting of a scene in Telok Blangah Hill Park. This vibrant illustration took him only 40 minutes to an hour to complete!

  2. Learn new skills and techniques

    Learn various new skills and techniques in drawing from our art instructors too. These include tips on selecting elements to include in adding perspective to your illustrations and how to pick appropriate colours, a blend of warm and cool hues and tones, to best set the mood you want your artwork to convey.

  3. Take in the beautiful scenery and see things you never expected

    As you try your hand at drawing and urban sketching with these techniques, you may find that it is a great way to relax and soak in the serene ambience of our gardens and parks. You may even see things you never expected, such as rare bird species flitting about in the canopy layer above, or flowers just beginning to close their petals as dusk falls.

    As you draw, do keep an eye out for birds as they flit around in the dense canopy above. Photo credit: Felix Siew


  4. Make new friends

    You will have ample opportunities to meet with like-minded individuals, both young and old, who share a passion for nature and creating art too. Drawing together creates wonderful opportunities for interesting conversations about anything under the sun to unfold. And who knows, with the lessons you have learnt, you may want to visit another park with your newfound friends in the future to try your hand at nature sketching again.

    Our art events and activities attract art enthusiasts of all ages, from very young school children to retired elders.

  5. Gain invaluable tips on art materials and supplies

    Pick up some invaluable tips from your instructors or friends on suitable art materials and supplies, as well as which stores you can patronise to get them. As you may find, the materials you use can make a world of difference in your own drawings.

    Watercolour pencils, like this one above, can give your drawings interesting effects and patterns.

  6. Excite Your Little Ones Too
  7. And if paper sketchbooks don’t quite make the cut for your little one, no problem! At one of our events, Weekends in the Park: Mass Chalk Art Drawing, held at Parkland Green, children can have a go at drawing on the concrete floor outside the outlets. Simply pick up some chalk from any business outlet and let your creative juices flow! You can join in the fun as well!

    witp chalk
    Photo credit: NParks

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your sketchbook and art materials and head to one of our gardens and parks today. Be sure to share your creations with us using the hashtag #NParksbuzz.

Our next art related event, Nature Sketching in the Gardens, will be held on Saturday, January 20 from 9 am to 11 am at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This workshop is free, although do arrive at the Visitor Service Desk at the Botany Centre 15 minutes earlier to register for the activity as registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For more information on related our art workshops and activities, you can check out our exciting ongoing events on our website here.

Text by Elizabeth Kamaldin

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