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Words matter. Which is why whenever I’m editing stories, I’m usually tickled by how ‘preservation’ is often used as a synonym for ‘conservation’.

While both words are similar in that they are about protecting something from being damaged, there are subtle differences. ‘Preservation’ denotes keeping something as it is, without change. ‘Conservation’, on the other hand, involves the quality of sustainability, and is often used to refer to natural resources.

Conservation of our green spaces and precious biodiversity is what we at NParks are focused on. In this issue, we look at the role of nature parks, functioning as buffers to our nature reserve and hence reducing the impact humans have on the biodiversity in the reserve. We also explore the Native Garden in HortPark and examine why the horticultural display at HortHouse at the entrance of HortPark is so special.

Next, we celebrate a few successes we have achieved in our conservation efforts, highlighting some native species that are the biggest or oldest of their kind, as well as learning more about what some champions of conservation are doing, to help further this important cause.

And why not immerse yourself in some great green spaces where you can enjoy a satisfying meal before exploring the nearby biodiversity? We suggest five locations for you to choose from.

Words matter. So the words we wish upon you is simply: ‘Please enjoy’!

Editor Contributors

  • Felix Siew (Editorial Consultant)
  • Elizabeth Kamaldin

Conservation Consultant

  • Shin Koh

Gardening Consultant

  • Dr Wilson Wong


  • Dion Goh
  • Kwek Ee Chern
  • Lea Wee
  • Natasha Kong