Contest Issue 37

In this issue, we are giving away five sets of prizes, each comprising a Botanical Prints Postcards Set and a Renanthera Embroidered Bookmark.

Pen your well wishes to family and friends with this beautifully illustrated Botanical Prints Postcards Set, which features six flowers found in our gardens and parks. Also enjoy this bookmark, which is embroidered on satin fabric with felt in between. It features an orchid hybrid that is special to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, having been named in 1999 to commemorate the Gardens’ 140th anniversary.

Botanical Print SeriesRenanthera

Simply answer the questions below and you could be a lucky winner!

In the article, ‘In The Company of Giants’, we highlight some of the biggest and/or oldest plant, bird and insect species which can be found in Singapore. According to the article,

  • What is the common name of the largest moth in Southeast Asia?
  • How old is the Tembusu featured on the back of the Singapore $5 note?

Contest closes on 18 May 2018. Email your answers to with the subject title “My Green Space Contest Apr – Jun 2018”, together with your name, IC/Passport number and contact number.

My Green Space Contest Winners: Jan – Mar 2018


  • Yan Chui Ping
  • Lim Qi Feng
  • Lim Xuan Shi
  • Regine Tan
  • Leow Yoon Huei

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