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  • Turning 125: The Vanda Miss Joaquim

    Turning 125: The Vanda Miss Joaquim

    Singapore’s National Flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim (Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim), turns 125 in 2018! To celebrate this occasion, here are 10 interesting trivia about this beautiful orchid hybrid.

  • Getting To Know Gingers

    Getting To Know Gingers

    Did you know that ‘gingers’ can be loosely used to refer to any one of a whopping 3,000 species of plants? Read on to learn more about the ginger and its closely related families.

  • Wild About Mushrooms

    Wild About Mushrooms

    Surprised by the sudden sprouting of wild mushrooms, sometimes literally overnight, after heavy rains? Read on for five groups of mushrooms that look like they come straight out of a fairy tale.

  • Bougainvillea: Colouring Our Streets

    Bougainvillea: Colouring Our Streets

    If you enjoyed reading about the beautiful #sgblooms that appear on our roadside trees and shrubs during the rainier months, you may also be wondering about the blooms of the Bougainvillea, which we see flowering all year round! Read on for some interesting trivia bout this popular ornamental plant.