National Parks

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  • Throwback to Kampong Days

    Throwback to Kampong Days

    Enjoy a relaxing 1960s kampong village ambience in an eatery that brings you some of Singapore’s all-time favourite local dishes but with a twist!

  • Small But Mighty

    Small But Mighty

    Did you notice that we have small pockets of greenery interspersed here and there in our urbanised landscape? Take a look at some of these parks, all less than 4 hectares in size.

  • School’s Out, Fun’s In!

    School’s Out, Fun’s In!

    Daddies and mummies, we have some exciting ideas on what you can do with your little ones in our green spaces during the year-end vacation!

  • Five Reasons to Check Out Pets’ Day Out

    Five Reasons to Check Out Pets’ Day Out

    We have five reasons why you should join us at Pets’ Day Out, a monthly pet-centric event organised by the Animal & Veterinary Service!