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contest image 44
In this issue, we are giving away five Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Renanthera journal with bookmark. Contest Issue 46

What have you learnt during the past few months?

Some of my friends picked up baking, others have started painting. A colleague is doing some DIY repairs for his home, another has run a virtual marathon and of course, several have begun diets and renewed fitness regimes.

But even if you feel like you didn’t do anything special, that doesn’t matter much. The fact is  we all have to learn to adapt to this “new normal” and we all need to do this at our own pace.

The good news is that, post Circuit Breaker, you can now step out of your home more regularly to enjoy our green spaces. If you choose to do so, please remember to be socially responsible – maintain a safe distance from other park goers, and keep to no more than five persons in a group. Of course wear you mask, unless you are engaged in strenuous exercise or are consuming food, drink or medication.

In this issue we tell you more about the common raptors you may see soaring above us as well as the cuckoos that you often hear, rather than see if you are outside. Do keep your eyes and ears open to try to spot these feathered creatures around us. But before heading out, be sure to check the visitorship levels of our parks and gardens by using our safe distancing portal and avoid visiting when there are too many people.

If you prefer to stay indoors, we have two articles about gardening that may encourage you to start nurturing your green thumbs in your own home. To further spark this love for community gardening, we will be distributing some 400,000 free seed packets to residents, part of our Gardening with Edibles initiative launched in June. This overwhelming response is a good indication that gardening has indeed taken root in many of us! Please continue to enjoy nature online through our YouTube channel, NParks Facebook or AnimalBuzzSG Facebook. And do follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram to get the latest updates on nature, greenery, biodiversity and pets.

Personally, these last few months have taught me, once again, that the only constant in life is change. And we need to grow with whatever comes our way. Which is also why this issue of My Green Space is its last, in this current format. To adapt to these changing times, we are also changing… So watch out for something refreshed, coming to you soon!

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