Oriental Whip Snake


Photo credit: Cai Yixiong

The Oriental Whip Snake (Ahaetulla prasina) is a native species with a striking bright green colour that helps it to camouflage well among the foliage during the daytime when it is most active.  Its head is distinct from its very slender body, with a pointed snout, most visible in side profile. The pupil of its eye is horizontally elongated.

The Oriental Whip Snake reproduces by ovovipary, where the eggs are retained and hatched inside the female’s body, before birth. The snake can grow up to 1.9 m long and feeds on small animals such as lizards, frogs and small birds.

Although it is mildly venomous, the Oriental Whip Snake is usually shy and docile, preferring to stay away from people. It can be seen in wooded areas and suburban parks and gardens and is arboreal, living in trees and bushes.

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