National Parks


  • Zooming in on Safety with Skateline

    Zooming in on Safety with Skateline

    In a particularly quiet corner of Bishan Park, you can often observe groups of adults on inline skates, taking small, deliberate movements within an enclosed rink. Some seem to be trying hard not to flail their outstretched arms while keeping their balance. Others appear to be in deep concentration, controlling their less-than-steady gait. This controlled environment, a stark contrast to the sight of other inline skaters whizzing freely through the park, is where beginner inline skaters receive their first lesson on wheels.

  • Incorporating Garden Living Into Your Urban Lifestyle

    Incorporating Garden Living Into Your Urban Lifestyle

    The Garden Shop has the perfect kick-starter kit for you to embark on your journey to enjoying a bit of nature in your home and office.

  • Dining Amid Lush Greenery

    Dining Amid Lush Greenery

    If dining amid the lush surroundings of nature is something you enjoy, then you should head on down to Cornerstone Restaurant located at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park River Plains (formerly Bishan Park 2).

  • ‘Tis The Season To Be… Green

    ‘Tis The Season To Be… Green

    Christmas is traditionally celebrated with the giving and receiving of presents. During the 2010 Christmas season, partners of the Garden City Fund decided they would give back to the environment as well. At Takashimaya Shopping Centre, customers making use of the complimentary gift-wrapping service were encouraged to donate to the Garden City Fund with every present wrapped. The funds collected at the gift-wrapping counters would then be used to plant trees all around Singapore at a later date.

  • Gourmet Pleasures In The Ginger Garden

    Gourmet Pleasures In The Ginger Garden

    Halia, which is Malay for ‘ginger’, is nestled within the Ginger Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This aptly named restaurant is familiar to foodies in Singapore, with a reputation for its good food, excellent service, and unique ambience.

  • A View Like None Other

    A View Like None Other

    The North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL) is the newest park connector loop to be completed. This new loop links four parks in the northeast of Singapore - Punggol Park, Punggol Point Park, Punggol Waterway Park and Sengkang Riverside Park.

  • A Concert Fit For Kings

    A Concert Fit For Kings

    On the night of 19 November, the two painted kings in the Kings of Freedom exhibit at Bedok Reservoir Park remained regal and silent – as indeed they do every night. But they were the exception. All around them, the park was abuzz and alight with excitement and energy.

  • Feast on Teochew Delights in the Gardens

    Feast on Teochew Delights in the Gardens

    Did you know you can dine on delicious Teochew cuisine amid the lush surroundings of the Singapore Botanic Gardens? Discover the delights that await you.

  • A ‘Happee’ Day At HortPark

    A ‘Happee’ Day At HortPark

    For most of the children who visit HortPark, the gardening hub, playing in a park comes as a most natural thing to do. But when you’re a kid who’s living with cancer, opportunities to run about and play may not always come so easily. And so, on 31 October 2010, HortPark was transformed into a carnival ground for “Happee Day”, planned especially for 50 young folks from the Children Cancer Foundation.

  • The Roots Of A Birthday Celebration

    The Roots Of A Birthday Celebration

    When your birthday falls on a Saturday, there’s a good chance that you’d exercise the option of sleeping in. But the morning of Ada Loo’s birthday found her at MacRitchie Reservoir Park at the bright and early hour of 8.30 am – all geared up and ready to plant trees with her family and friends. With so many possible things to do on a birthday morning, why plant trees? The birthday girl’s sister, Lisa, came up with the idea after reading about the Plant-A-Tree programme in NParks’ e-newsletter. “My sister always finds something for us to do,” quipped Ada. “Something that benefits, you know?”

  • Throwback to Kampong Days

    Throwback to Kampong Days

    Enjoy a relaxing 1960s kampong village ambience in an eatery that brings you some of Singapore’s all-time favourite local dishes but with a twist!

  • Small But Mighty

    Small But Mighty

    Did you notice that we have small pockets of greenery interspersed here and there in our urbanised landscape? Take a look at some of these parks, all less than 4 hectares in size.

  • Earth Day – With A Touch Of Kindness

    Earth Day – With A Touch Of Kindness

    Earth Day, which falls on 22 April every year, is an occasion when we are reminded to appreciate the environment. On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Pasir Ris Park celebrated by showing a little kindness to its mangroves – as well as to some special friends of NParks.

  • Otterly Fascinating

    Otterly Fascinating

    Did you visit the 2014 Festival of Biodiversity? If so, we hope you visited a booth labelled 'Otterly Fascinating'. Last July, a group of us students from Nanyang Girls’ High put up a booth at the Festival with the aim of raising awareness about otters in Singapore.

  • Storybooks With A Twist

    Storybooks With A Twist

    As a member of the Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme (RELP) team, I had the opportunity to attend field trips to nature areas throughout Singapore as well as author children’s books on local flora and fauna.

  • Singapore’s International Trees

    Singapore’s International Trees

    Did you know that many roadside trees that we see, walk past, and find shade under daily, originated from other countries? Learn more about some of these here.

  • Pros and Cons of Adopting an Animal

    Pros and Cons of Adopting an Animal

    Keeping a pet is a lifelong commitment and comes with many responsibilities. A first key decision is whether you should adopt or purchase the animal.

  • Getting To Know The City In A Garden

    Getting To Know The City In A Garden

    In Singapore, greenery is quite literally everywhere. And for this young American expat couple, it has been a constant feature of their lives here. On the day that Alli and Kyle Proffitt first arrived in Singapore, they were both struck by the greenery that greeted them immediately.


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