Contest May 2021

In this issue, we are giving away three Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Learning Forest coaster sets.


A great gift for nature lovers, the coaster set comprises four coasters of laminated hardboard with a non-slip cork base. Each coaster bears a unique design, taking inspiration from the trees and fruits found in the Learning Forest. Put together like puzzle pieces, the four coasters make up one complete illustration.

Simply answer the questions below and you could be a lucky winner!

In the article, “
Our Native Orchids”, we talk about five orchid species you can see along our streets and in our green spaces. According to the article,

●      What is the Grass Orchid (Eulophia graminea) also known as?

●      How many days approximately does it take for the Pigeon Orchid (Dendrobium crumenatum) to bloom after heavy rainstorms?

Contest closes on 28 May 2021. Provide your answers to this link, together with your name, e-mail address, mailing address and contact number.

NParks Buzz Mar 2021 Contest Winners:

Monique Cordeiro

Lan Zhengwei

Vignesh s/o Mohandasan

NParks Buzz Apr 2021 Contest Winners:

Ng Yeow Kiat

Chong Kien Sin

Ong Cher Meng


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