Our City in Nature Explained

Biophilic design? Natural capital? Ecological connectivity? You may have come across these terms when reading about Singapore’s transformation into a City in Nature. But what do these mean?

We bring you this new section to explain these terms and more, as a quick guide to various aspects of our City in Nature!


For starters, what does “City in Nature” mean? Looking around us, you may think it is about having lush urban greenery. After all, Singapore is one of the greenest cities in the world.

However, that is not all! Urban greenery is just part of the picture. The greenery Singapore now enjoys is thanks to sustained efforts over the past few decades – including (but not limited to) roadside planting, park connectors, skyrise greenery, and habitat restoration with designs that bring people closer to nature.


Our City in Nature vision is about bringing people closer to nature. This will enable us to enjoy the many benefits that it brings to our physical and mental well-being. Put simply, it involves:

  • safeguarding our nature reserves and providing more habitats for Singapore’s flora and fauna

  • making the landscapes in our gardens and parks more natural

  • restoring nature into our built environment, with more trees and plants along our roads, around our neighbourhoods, and even on buildings

  • strengthening connectivity between green spaces for animals to move freely between green spaces, and improving our access to nature with the expansion of the Park Connector Network

  • caring about the health and welfare of animals in our community


Sustainability is also what our City in Nature vision strives to achieve as a key pillar of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, allowing us to continue enjoying a high-quality living environment.


As Singapore transforms into a City in Nature, how can you make the most out of living in this green city? Find out more through our Singapore, a City in Nature and NParks Explains: City in Nature YouTube videos.


This is but a glimpse of what our City in Nature is about. Keep a lookout for the next issue, where we explore what biophilia and biophilic design mean!



Text by Victoria Cheong

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