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  • Fun with Frogs

    Fun with Frogs

    NParks volunteer Liu Kaiyi shows us how frogs and children can create the perfect combination for much fun and learning through camps, games and exciting lessons.

  • Dining by the Sea

    Dining by the Sea

    Indulge in a delectable meal while you take in an uninterrupted view of the Johor Straits at The Sea Grill, a newly opened seafood restaurant at Changi Beach Park.

  • Running In The Great Outdoors

    Running In The Great Outdoors

    Derrick came to Singapore in 2009 to pursue his dream in the entertainment industry. Despite his hectic schedule, he still finds time to run at least four to five times a week, and counts East Coast Park among his favourite running spots.

  • Cultivating A Love For Gardening

    Cultivating A Love For Gardening

    Oh Kee Swee, affectionately known as “Ah Swee”, has been helping out in different community gardens mainly in Sembawang Zone ‘E’ & ‘F’ RC since 2006. He helps to rejuvenate these gardens, transforming them into spaces where residents can unwind and meet with each other.

  • 'Art-venture' in Our Parks

    'Art-venture' in Our Parks

    Many artworks have come to occupy pride of place in Singapore’s parks. Discover how the art in our parks display an amazing breadth of imagination, based on various themes.

  • A Gem in the Northeast to Be Discovered

    A Gem in the Northeast to Be Discovered

    With fewer crowds than the busy East and West Coast Parks, the 71-hectare Pasir Ris Park offers a secluded beach with scenic views, a variety of flora and fauna to explore, and activities for everyone.

  • The Istana's Green Guardian

    The Istana's Green Guardian

    Located in the heart of the city, the Istana is a green lung amid Singapore's metropolitan bustle. Standing on what used to be a nutmeg plantation, the Istana domain is a treasure trove of flora and fauna.

  • Two Ladies and the Printing Press

    Two Ladies and the Printing Press

    Near the exit of the Marketplace at last November's 20th World Orchid Conference, surrounded by booths selling orchid plants from Peru, Taiwan and elsewhere in the world, was a booth decorated with bags, notebooks and other paper products for sale. Next to the youthful looks of the lady manning the booth, the floral and nature prints on the products looked oddly old-fashioned, almost 19th century, with their inked designs and letterpress feel.

  • A Little Bit of Everything

    A Little Bit of Everything

    Fort Canning Park has a little bit of everything for everyone, from history to spices to being a great spot for picnics and bonding...

  • Two Decades of Commitment to Nature

    Two Decades of Commitment to Nature

    It was just last December, when the National Parks Board (NParks) celebrated its inaugural Volunteers Appreciation Day. Thus it is fitting for us to reflect upon how far the volunteer programme has come since the early days in the 1990s.

  • A Garden of Healing

    A Garden of Healing

    Betel nut, Thai ginger, nutmeg. What would your reply be if you were asked what they are commonly used for? If you reply that they are good for eating or for flavouring food, you are right. But did you know they have healing properties, too?

  • Sharing His Passion For Gardening

    Sharing His Passion For Gardening

    Hamzah Bin Osman works full-time as a technician in an architecture firm, and yet he manages to find the time and energy to tend the garden of Teck Ghee Primary School (TGPS), where his daughter attends class.

  • Our Native Orchids

    Our Native Orchids

    Get to know five native orchids you can see along our streets and in many of our green spaces.

  • Planting Trees For A Greener Future

    Planting Trees For A Greener Future

    It was a hot June morning as a group of more than 50 people enthusiastically dug holes and potted saplings along the North Eastern Riverine Loop. Fifty-one trees were planted that morning at Punggol Promenade, signifying the start of the public involvement in the planting of 1,963 trees to commemorate 50 years of greening Singapore. This special tree planting exercise is part of the Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree (PAT) programme.

  • In The Lime-light

    In The Lime-light

    We shine the spotlight on the common Lime and other plants with ‘lime’ in their names that you can find in Singapore.

  • Getting To Know The City In A Garden

    Getting To Know The City In A Garden

    In Singapore, greenery is quite literally everywhere. And for this young American expat couple, it has been a constant feature of their lives here. On the day that Alli and Kyle Proffitt first arrived in Singapore, they were both struck by the greenery that greeted them immediately.

  • Marine Cove Rediscovered

    Marine Cove Rediscovered

    Set sail for the fun times at Marine Cove, which sports an all-new look, great eating options and a large family-friendly playground.

  • Spice Up Your Life!

    Spice Up Your Life!

    The gleeful voices of children echo down the pathway of Pasir Ris Park, towards the Kitchen Garden – the park’s little plot of homegrown spices. At a glance, passersby are bemused and confused at the odd sight of children clothed as miniature chefs, prancing through the park.


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