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  • No Dogs In Nature Reserves

    No Dogs In Nature Reserves

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Dogs need exercise and what better way than to take them for a walk, especially in Singapore’s many green parks and spaces? But learn why our nature reserves are off-limits to dogs.

  • Playing In Nature

    Playing In Nature

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Nature playgardens are designed with biophilic elements and natural materials meant for the young to engage in child-directed spontaneous play. Discover three playgardens perfect for kids to enjoy while learning about nature.

  • Eight Must-see Spots in Lakeside Garden

    Eight Must-see Spots in Lakeside Garden

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Lakeside Garden is the new hot spot to go to get all your favourite Instagram pixs. Here are eight locations – some still relatively secret nodes – you have to visit!

  • Relooking 10 Singapore Icons

    Relooking 10 Singapore Icons

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Singapore turns 54 this year! In celebration of this birthday, we re-examine 10 local icons, presenting interesting facts and figures about them that you may not know about.

  • Day Out with Your Pets

    Day Out with Your Pets

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Are you a pet owner looking for pet-friendly places to explore? Here are five suggestions for places to go and things to do in our green spaces with your canine friends.

  • Fort Canning Park

    Fort Canning Park

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Given Singapore's renowned status for being an urban jungle, Fort Canning Park is a welcome respite from the concrete surroundings within the central area of the business district.

  • Exploring the Southern Ridges

    Exploring the Southern Ridges

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Joining the National Parks Board has broadened my appreciation for greenery overnight. Now I look forward to every working trip to visit our parks and nature reserves, just to experience a world beyond the concrete jungle. That's why I jumped at the chance to explore the Southern Ridges with two friends, on the pretext of writing this article for you, my dear readers.

  • A Tireless Supporter Of Nature

    A Tireless Supporter Of Nature

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Find out how Mrs Kirtida Mekani was inspired to start the Plant-A-Tree programme and why she decided to encourage others to care for our natural heritage.

  • Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Extension

    Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Extension

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Wondering whether to visit the newly opened extension of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve? Watch this short video and learn what’s in store for visitors.

  • Storybooks With A Twist

    Storybooks With A Twist

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    As a member of the Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme (RELP) team, I had the opportunity to attend field trips to nature areas throughout Singapore as well as author children’s books on local flora and fauna.

  • Otterly Fascinating

    Otterly Fascinating

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Did you visit the 2014 Festival of Biodiversity? If so, we hope you visited a booth labelled 'Otterly Fascinating'. Last July, a group of us students from Nanyang Girls’ High put up a booth at the Festival with the aim of raising awareness about otters in Singapore.

  • Staff In Travail

    Staff In Travail

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Two years after becoming the Garden's first superintendent, in September 1877, Murton became embroiled in a staff dispute that nearly cost him his life. Dr Taylor’s telling of this incident comes from an account published in The Straits Times then.

  • T(h)ree Passions

    T(h)ree Passions

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    A nature lover, trail runner and photography enthusiast, Christopher Koh finds that volunteering for the Nature Cares programme not only allows him to do his part for the community, but also provides him with the opportunity to indulge in some of his favourite pastimes.

  • A Competition That Builds Bonds

    A Competition That Builds Bonds

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    The Gardeners’ Cup may be a competition, but for the teams participating, it’s a wonderful way to meet like-minded people, exchange gardening tips and have lots of fun.

  • A Nature Park in Your Neighbourhood

    A Nature Park in Your Neighbourhood

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    When I first learnt of the new Dairy Farm Nature Park, I had been expecting a small neighbourhood park with an exercise corner. After all, as a former resident of Bukit Panjang, I was familiar enough...

  • A Design For Life

    A Design For Life

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Visitors to the 2010 Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) may find that one of the Landscape & Fantasy Gardens is reminiscent of the alien world depicted in a blockbuster 3D sci-fi movie that thrilled audiences last year.

  • Labrador: Where History and Beauty Meet

    Labrador: Where History and Beauty Meet

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    I turned off into Labrador Villa Road - a rather deserted lane - and was immediately drawn to the calm quiet of an early, cool Saturday morning. With the help of NParks' DIY Guide to Labrador Nature Reserve Walking Trail, I navigated myself back in time to the late 19th century. At Fort Pasir Panjang, I stumbled upon a ‘treasure chest’, an area filled with precious maritime and historical relics.

  • The Tree With Upside Down “Pots”

    The Tree With Upside Down “Pots”

    People and PlacesLifestyle

    Have you seen the tree with upside down “pots” dangling from its branches? Learn more about the unique Monkey Pot tree.


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