Annual Report 2020/2021 - National Parks Board (NParks)


Annual Report 2020/2021

Nature beckons, and Singaporeans of all ages are stepping forward and working hand-in-hand to embrace and strengthen our green legacy.

The OneMillionTrees movement is gaining momentum, thanks to the involvement of Friends of the Parks, corporates, schools, nature groups and other communities. Since its launch in 2020, tens of thousands of trees have been planted across our nature reserves, gardens, parks and streetscapes.

Nature is also being restored into the urban landscape through community gardening initiatives, rewilding, and the proliferation of skyrise greenery. At the same time, the work to conserve our biodiversity continues unabated, with various groups coming together to support habitat enhancement programmes. Partnerships are also being forged with the community to improve animal health and welfare, and to manage our wild animal populations.

This collective effort puts us on course to create a quality living environment uplifted by green spaces and enriched by a diversity of flora and fauna. It creates more opportunities for Singaporeans to access and embrace nature, and brings us closer to our vision of a City in Nature.