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Friends of Rail Corridor

We need your help to make our Rail Corridor a more vibrant place for everyone!

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Friends of Rail Corridor was launched in 2017 by Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development, Desmond Lee, to cultivate active community stewardship towards the Rail Corridor as a shared community space.

Open to all members of the public to join, the FRC community currently comprises of members from diverse backgrounds such as nature, heritage and recreational groups, as well as academics, students and residents who live near the Rail Corridor. The community serves as a platform for ground-up initiatives and community-organised activities to activate spaces along the Rail Corridor. FRC also works closely with agencies to contribute to the development of community infrastructure and landscaping works.

FRC is also part of NParks’ Friends of the Parks initiative. The Friends of the Parks is a ground-led initiative to promote stewardship and responsible use of our Parks. It consists of localised communities representing active stakeholders and volunteers in our parks. Through the formation of the Friends of the Parks community, members will be able to play a more active role in promoting active and responsible uses of our Parks through ground-led programmes and initiatives.

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The Rail Corridor is a natural and continuous green passage connecting our past and present, and a lifeline for people and wildlife. We have a collective responsibility to protect its unique character and promote its heritage for diverse communities.

Themes involved include:

Nature & Greenery
Awareness & Education
Community, Recreation & the Arts



If you’d like to know more about FRC and upcoming events that you can take part in, click HERE