Year of Publication: 2017, Vol. 69 (2)

Date Published 20 November 2017
M.A. Niissalo & J. Leong-Škorničková
Hanguana podzolicola (Hanguanaceae), a new record for Singapore [Page 157 - 165]
Hanguana podzolicola (Hanguanaceae) is newly recorded for Singapore. Detailed colour plates are given alongside the main characters for distinguishing this species from the two most similar species in Singapore, Hanguana rubinea and H. triangulata. The seeds of Hanguana podzolicola are described for the first time. A local conservation assessment is given. As no original material of Hanguana podzolicola could be traced, a neotype is designated here. Following a recent clarification of several historical Hanguana names it is noted here that the correct name for the large helophytic stoloniferous species often cultivated in Singapore under the name Hanguana malayana is Hanguana anthelminthica. An updated key to Hanguana species in Singapore is provided.

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R.P.J. de Kok
Two new records of Litsea (Lauraceae) from Singapore and the lectotypification of twenty-two names from several Lauraceae genera [Page 167 - 177]
Two species of Litsea (Lauraceae) are recorded for Singapore for the first time (Litsea spathacea Gamble and L. tomentosa Blume). Both species are known only from 19th century specimens and must be considered nationally extinct in Singapore. Descriptions and notes on distribution, conservation status and ecology are given. In addition, twenty-two Lauraceae names are lectotypified: Beilschmiedia curtisii Gamble, B. perakensis Gamble; Cinnamomum subavenium Miq.; Cryptocarya argentea Gamble, C. infectoria (Blume) Miq., C. tomentosa Blume; Lindera lucida (Blume) Boerl., L. malaccensis Hook.f.; Litsea accedens (Blume) Boerl., L. amara Blume var. attenuata Gamble, L. gracilis Gamble, L. gracilipes Hook.f., L. griffithii Gamble, L. lanceolata (Blume) Kosterm., L. machilifolia Gamble, L. machilifolia Gamble var. angustifolia Gamble, L. megacarpa Gamble, L. pustulata Gamble, L. sarawacensis Gamble, L.singaporensis Gamble, L. spathacea Gamble, L. umbellata (Lour.) Merr.

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M. Dančák, M. Hroneš, R.S. Sukri, F. Metali & A.A. Joffre
Novitates Bruneienses, 9. A synopsis of Epirixanthes (Polygalaceae) in Brunei Darussalam and notes on species elsewhere [Page 179 - 187]
The genus Epirixanthes Blume is revised for Brunei Darussalam. Four species are recognised for the country: Epirixanthes cylindrica Blume, E. elongata Blume, E. kinabaluensis T.Wendt and E. papuana J.J.Sm., with the two latter species being newly recorded for the Brunei flora. A single collection from Brunei that was formerly identified as Epirixanthes pallida T.Wendt is now confirmed as E. papuana. A revised key for the genus is included.

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M. Ardiyani, M.F. Newman & A.D. Poulsen
A new species of Zingiber (Zingiberaceae) east of Wallace’s Line [Page 189 - 199]
Zingiber Mill. is distributed from India to the Pacific but only a few species are known from east of Wallace’s Line, whereas the area to the west is rich in species. A recent collection from limestone at Bantimurung, South Sulawesi, Indonesia represents a new eastern species, Zingiber ultralimitale Ardiyani & A.D.Poulsen, which is described, illustrated, and barcoded using three of the four barcoding loci (rbcL, trnH-psbA and ITS). Placement of this species using morphological evidence is ambiguous but a combination of evidence from morphology, pollen anatomy and molecular analysis indicates that it belongs to Zingiber sect. Zingiber.

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G.G. Hambali, S. Sunarti & Y.W. Low
Syzygium jiewhoei (Myrtaceae), a new endemic tree from Western New Guinea, Indonesia [Page 201 - 210]
Syzygium jiewhoei Hambali, Sunarti & Y.W.Low, a new species from Western New Guinea, Indonesia, is described and illustrated. It is closely related to Syzygium recurvovenosum (Lauterb.) Diels but differs in a range of vegetative and reproductive morphological characteristics.

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C. Puglisi & D.J. Middleton
A revision of Microchirita (Gesneriaceae) in Thailand [Page 211 - 284]
Microchirita (C.B.Clarke) Yin Z.Wang (Gesneriaceae: Didymocarpoideae) in Thailand is revised and 29 species are recognised, two of which have three varieties each. Eight new species are described, Microchirita albocyanea C.Puglisi, Microchirita glandulosa C.Puglisi, Microchirita hypocrateriformis C.Puglisi, Microchirita limbata C.Puglisi, Microchirita luteola C.Puglisi, Microchirita tadphoensis C.Puglisi, Microchirita tetsanae C.Puglisi, Microchirita thailandica C.Puglisi; three new varieties are described, Microchirita involucrata var. gigantiflora C.Puglisi, Microchirita mollissima var. glabra C.Puglisi, Microchirita mollissima var. glandulophylla C.Puglisi; and one name is combined at a new rank, Microchirita involucrata var. capitis (Craib) C.Puglisi. Two lectotypifications are made, one of which is a second step lectotypification. A key to all taxa is given, all taxa are described, and many are illustrated.

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W.H. Chen, D.J. Middleton, H.Q. Nguyen, H.T. Nguyen, L.V. Averyanov, R.Z. Chen, K.S. Nguyen, M. Möller & Y.M. Shui
Two new species of Oreocharis (Gesneriaceae) from Northwest Vietnam [Page 295 - 305]
Two new species of Oreocharis (Gesneriaceae), O. argyrophylla W.H.Chen, H.Q.Nguyen & Y.M.Shui and O. blepharophylla W.H.Chen, H.Q.Nguyen & Y.M.Shui, from the Xuan Nha nature reserve, Van Ho district, Son La province, in northwestern Vietnam are described. They are compared to their most similar species and diagnostic characteristics are provided.

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S. Li, Z.B. Xin, X. Hong, L.F. Fu & F. Wen
Primulina wuae (Gesneriaceae), a new species from southern China [Page 307 - 313]
A new species, Primulina wuae F.Wen & L.F.Fu (Gesneriaceae), is described from the southern part of China. This new species is most similar to Primulina pseudoroseoalba Jian Li et al., P. roseoalba (W.T.Wang) Mich.Möller & A.Weber, P. subrhomboidea (W.T.Wang) Yin Z.Wang and P. beiliuensis B.Pan & S.X.Huang var. fimbribracteata F.Wen & B.D.Lai, but differs from these in characters such as the size and indumentum of the bracts, the indumentum of the pedicels and anthers, the length of the pistils etc. A provisional conservation assessment is also provided.

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Year of Publication: 2017, Vol. 69 (1)

Date Published 24 May 2017
A.R. Rafidah
Taxonomy and conservation status of Microchirita (Gesneriaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia [Page 1 - 31]
A revision of Microchirita (C.B.Clarke) Yin Z.Wang (Gesneriaceae) in Malaysia is presented as a precursory paper for the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia account. The taxonomic treatment includes a key for identification, detailed descriptions of the species, information on seed morphology (illustrated by Scanning Electron Microscopy micrographs), and a discussion on distributions, including maps, and the conservation status for each species.

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M. Rodda
Index of names and types of Hoya (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) of Borneo [Page 33 - 65]
Types of all Hoya species occurring in Borneo and their synonyms are indicated and clarified. Forty-six lectotypes, nine neotypes and five epitypes are designated.

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Y.W. Low, A.K. Muhammad Ariffin, A.A. Joffre & D. Duratul Ain
Novitates Bruneienses, 8. Macrosolen brunsing (Loranthaceae), a new hemiparasitic shrub from Brunei Darussalam [Page 67 - 73]
Macrosolen brunsing Y.W.Low & Ariffin is described and illustrated here as a new species of aerial hemiparasite based on two collections from the Ladan Hills Forest Reserve, Tutong, Brunei Darussalam. The new species differs from all Macrosolen taxa enumerated in Borneo by its distinct linear leaves ((4–)8–14.5 cm long, 0.1–0.2(–0.25) cm wide).

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I. Haerida
Liverworts of Bali, Indonesia, with new records to the island [Page 81 - 87]
A total of 72 species of liverworts have been found in Bali. Based on recent collections and former records of the species including 31 genera and 17 families, among them, 43 species are new to Bali.

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C.-W. Lin, D.C. Thomas, W.H. Ardi & C.-I Peng
Begonia ignita (sect. Petermannia, Begoniaceae), a new species with orange flowers from Sulawesi, Indonesia [Page 89 - 95]
Begonia ignita C.W.Lin & C.I Peng, a new species of Begonia sect. Petermannia from Sulawesi, Indonesia, is here described and illustrated. It is distinct from other species in Begonia section Petermannia by a character combination including a procumbent stem ascending only at the apex, symmetric or subsymmetric leaves, the presence of a pale band or maculation running parallel to the leaf margin, and orange tepals. A detailed comparison with a morphologically similar species, the Sulawesi endemic Begonia mendumiae M.Hughes, is provided.

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N. Simonsson Juhonewe & M. Rodda
Contribution to a revision of Hoya (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) of Papuasia. Part I: ten new species, one new subspecies and one new combination [Page 97 - 147]
The large majority of Hoya R.Br. species known from Papuasia were described in the first half of the 20th century and most of these are endemic. Along with Borneo and the Philippines the region is a centre of diversity of the genus. Since 2006 herbarium materials have been studied for a revision of Hoya of New Guinea along with field investigations on Papuasian Hoya since 2010. In the present paper we publish ten new species, Hoya brassii P.I.Forst. & Liddle ex Simonsson & Rodda, H. carrii P.I.Forst. & Liddle ex Simonsson & Rodda, H. edholmiana Simonsson & Rodda, H. evelinae Simonsson & Rodda, H. juhoneweana Simonsson & Rodda, H. krusenstierniana Simonsson & Rodda, H. koteka Simonsson & Rodda, H. stenakei Simonsson & Rodda, H. versteegii Simonsson & Rodda and H. yvesrocheri Simonsson & Rodda, one subspecies, H. juhoneweana ssp. lindforsiana Simonsson & Rodda, and make one new combination, H. urniflora (P.I.Forst.) Simonsson & Rodda, which is also lectotypified.

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S. Lindsay, P.H. Hovenkamp & D.J. Middleton
New combinations and typifications in Aglaomorpha (Polypodiaceae) [Page 149 - 155]
In preparation for a new checklist of Singaporean plants, the Flora of Singapore project, and the Ferns of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia website, new combinations in Aglaomorpha Schott are made to accommodate species formerly placed in Drynaria (Bory) J.Sm. and Christiopteris Copel. Ten names are lectotypified, seven of which are second step lectotypifications, and one name is neotypified.

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