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Research Interests

My research interest is in documenting the diversity of the orchid family in mainland Southeast Asia. After having written contributions for the Flora of Thailand and Flora of Peninsular Malaysia, I am now mainly focussing on the taxonomy of the Orchidaceae family in Myanmar. As this is the botanically poorest known region in mainland Southeast Asia, much basic inventory work is still needed. The eventual aim of my work is a comprehensive floristic treatment of the orchids of the country through fieldwork and the examination of existing specimens in international herbaria. Apart from this, I am actively involved in taxonomic studies on the Orchidaceae of Thailand, particularly regarding new discoveries made in the Habenaria and Calanthe groups, and on an account of the Orchidaceae for the Flora of Singapore.


Current Research

  1. Annotated checklist of the Orchidaceae of Myanmar, in collaboration with Paul Ormerod (Australia) and Santi Watthana (Thailand). This involves the examination of all available material in major overseas herbaria. The work will result in the publication of an online checklist on the Singapore Botanic Gardens website.
  2.  A checklist of the orchids of Natma Taung, a mountainous region in western Myanmar. The work aims to contribute the family Orchidaceae to a publication on all flowering plants recorded in this region which is coordinated by botanists at Makino Botanical Garden (Japan).  
  3. Identification of specimens of Myanmar Orchidaceae; particularly as requested by Drs. Saw Lwin (Myanmar Floriculturist Association, Yangon) and Kate Armstrong (Myanmar Program Coordinator, New York Botanical Garden). 
  4. Continue with taxonomic work on some newly discovered orchids in Thailand. 
  5. Coordination of the account of the Orchidaceae for the Flora of Singapore


Selected Publications

Kurzweil, H. & P.J. Cribb (2016). Flora of Peninsular Malaysia  ―  the Calanthe group. Malesian Orchid Journal 17: 61−122.

Kurzweil, H. & P. Tripetch (2015). A new species of Peristylus (Orchidaceae) from southern Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin 43: 24−29.

Kurzweil, H. & S. Lwin (2015). New orchid records for Myanmar, including the first record of the genus Stereosandra. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 67(1): 107‒122.

Kurzweil, H. (2014). Acanthephippium (p. 309‒313), Anthogonium (p. 318‒320), Calanthe (p. 341–376), Cephalantheropsis (p. 378‒382), Eriodes (p. 499‒501), Ipsea (p. 545‒547), Pachystoma (575‒578), Phaius (p. 584‒593), Plocoglottis (p. 613‒621) and Spathoglottis (621‒631). In: Santisuk, T. & Balslev, H. (eds), Flora of Thailand 12(2). The Forest Herbarium, Bangkok.



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