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Our 2019 Calendar will be available in mid-October. Check back for updates on availability!

2019 Calendar of Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Ginger order, consisting of eight plant families mainly distributed in the tropics, comprises about 110 genera and almost 3000 species. The order is well known for its economically important spice crops, such as ginger, turmeric, cardamom, galanga and torch ginger (all from the Ginger family, Zingiberaceae), and for bananas (Banana family, Musaceae). Other families, like the Heliconia family (Heliconiaceae), Spiral Ginger family (Costaceae), Canna family (Cannaceae), Prayer Plant family (Marantaceae) and Bird-of-paradise family (Strelitziaceae), are known for the extraordinary beauty of the plants, many of which are popular tropical ornamentals due to their colourful flowers or lush and sometimes intricately ornamented foliage. The last, and perhaps the least known, is the Orchidantha family (Lowiaceae) which is best known for its orchid-like flowers which emit a strong and unpleasant smell.

 Cover image of the 2019 Calendar of Singapore Botanic Gardens

Our 2019 calendar features thirteen paintings covering representatives of all eight families in the Ginger order. These thirteen paintings depict species from three different continents, Africa, America and Asia, with four of them featuring species which are native to Singapore. All of them were painted by talented botanical artist Waiwai Hove over a span of one and a half years from plants growing in the Gardens and in the remaining primary forests in Singapore.


Desk Calendar retails at $12.00, available at all Gardens Shops from mid-October 2018.  Get them whilst stocks lasts!

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