Hear the Lion Roar 奏响狮城

Hear the Lion Roar 奏响狮城

Date : Saturday, 11 Aug 2018

Time : 6pm to 7pm

Venue  : Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage


Celebrate National Day over a picnic with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. SCO Resident Conductor Quek Ling Kiong will lead the orchestra to perform works by Singaporean composers including Phang Kok Jun’s Symphonic Floras, Eric Watson’s Dialogue for the Solo Tabla and Chinese Orchestra and popular national day favourite Home, rearranged by SCO composer-in-residence Law Wai Lun.

新加坡华乐团邀你一同欢庆国庆。新加坡华乐团驻团指挥郭勇德将带领乐团呈献多首新加坡作曲家的作品如:冯国峻的《交响的芬芳》、埃里克• 沃森的《印度鼓与华乐的对话》以及由新加坡华乐团驻团作曲家罗伟伦所改编的国庆爱国歌曲《家》。

Concert subject to prevailing weather conditions.

Concert-goers are advised to take public transport.

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