Ding Yi Outreach"Go Local" Series

Date : Saturday, 12 October 2019
Time : 6pm to 7pm
Venue : Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage


To commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial, Ding Yi will present a concert featuring local composers' works with different ethnic music brought down by our forefathers. Experience racial harmony through pieces such as Dialogue for Solo Tabla and Chinese Orchestra and Bho Shambo; traditional culture through pieces such as Menari Dari Kampung. Ding Yi will be also collaborating with tabla musician Govin Tan, Indian flute musician Niranjan Pandian and oud musician Azrin Abdullah to showcase Singapore’s rich, diverse and harmonious society. 

伴随新加坡开埠200周年纪念,鼎艺团将演奏多首本地作曲家的乐曲,如体现种族和谐的曲目《 印度鼓与华乐的对话 》和《印度笛与中国笛的对话》;体现传统文化的曲目《甘榜之舞》,并与塔布拉鼓演奏家Govin Tan、印度笛演奏家Niranjan Pandian及乌德琴演奏家Azrin Abdullah合作,通过不同种族的音乐追溯历史,呈献和谐的音乐之夜。

This concert is in conjunction with SBG160.

Concert subject to prevailing weather conditions.
Concert-goers are advised to take public transport.

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