Notice15 Aug 2022
Exhibition extended until 21 August 2022

Nature of Art by Inessa & Alice Kalabekova

Date : 1 July 2022 -  21 August 2022
Time : 5am - 12mn
Venue : People's Gallery - Botany Centre (Tanglin Gate), Nassim Gate Visitor Centre and Botanic Gardens MRT Exit A (Bukit Timah Gate)

About the exhibition:
Seen thousands of times, the seemingly ordinary sights of Singapore’s parks hide stories that are waiting to be told. Artist mother-daughter duo Inessa & Alice Kalabekova, love to explore nature, taking paths less travelled, soaking in the sights, smells and sounds, and making up their own stories about the seen and the unseen.
This exhibition is an attempt to tell these stories set in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, through the whimsical worlds of Inessa’s visuals and Alice’s words. Bamboos, rustic benches, butterflies, and water lilies… you won’t be able to see them the same way again.

About Inessa & Alice Kalabekova:
Originally from Kazakhstan (in the erstwhile USSR), Inessa has travelled extensively in pursuit of her art; she has had over nineteen exhibitions in Singapore, Shanghai, London and Moscow. She studied art at the Central St. Martin’s College of Arts in London, the Ruskin School University of Oxford, and the Russian Academy of Arts.

Inessa’s 12-year-old daughter, Alice Kalabekova is an aspiring writer and has exhibited her works as part of the Slow Art show at Art Safe Gallery, Singapore (2020) and at the yearly students’ exhibition of The Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore (2021). 

Instagram: Artist_InessaK

Inessa Bukit Timah Gate

Inessa Nassim

Inessa Tanglin



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