Seniors and Contemporary Art Project 2021

Date : 22 Jan to 28 Feb 2021 
Time : 10am to 10pm, daily
Venue  : Nassim Gate Visitor Centre and Green Pavilion

The exhibition is a showcase of works created as part of the Seniors and Contemporary Art Project, a pilot programme to engage seniors in nursing homes. Guided by Singaporean artists, participating seniors were introduced to aesthetic methods, with the environment and nature as the source of inspiration. Seniors rediscovered the joys handicraft and self-expression brought through the making of these works. This effort is an extension of the Singapore Art Museum's Touch Collection which seeks to present art to audiences of varied backgrounds and abilities.

The 3 sets of works on display are -

Light and Lines ; Sketches from memories of nature (Nassim Gate Visitor Centre), by Justin Lee
Emotional Frames ; Responding to 2020 through colours (Nassim Gate Visitor Centre), by Zulkifle Mahmod
Modelling a Neighbourhood ; Silver city planners, inspired by kampong and nature (Green Pavilion,Tanglin Gate), by Tang Li Nah


This exhibition is presented by the Singapore Art Museum and the Society for the Aged Sick, with the support of the Agency for Integrated Care, RSVP Singapore and Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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