Think Contemporary Preschool Exhibition 2019

Date : Saturday, 6 July to Sunday, 21 July 2019

Time : 5am to 12mn

Venue : Green Pavilion, People's Gallery (Botany Centre @ Tanglin Gate, Nassim Visitor Centre, Bukit Timah Gate) 


The Think! Contemporary Preschool Exhibition 2019 Presented by Singapore Art Museum,in conjunction with Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival

Think! Contemporary Preschool Exhibition 2019 is the culmination of the Think! Contemporary Preschool Programme, a museum-based school programme that advocates learning through art at Singapore Art Museum. The SAM Education team supports participating schools with a guided recce visit for educators, a pre-visit talk in school, a visit to the SAM Learning Gallery, and in exhibiting the artworks.

The Think! Contemporary Preschool Exhibition 2019 features artworks inspired by SAM’s exhibition at The Learning Gallery, located at Level 4 Theatrette Project Space, National Gallery Singapore. The various themes explored in the preschoolers’ artworks include home, community, identity, memory, and environmental sustainability.

The Preschool Artwork exhibit takes place at the Green Pavilion ( Level 1, Botany Centre) and Nassim Gate Visitor Centre. 

The Process and creation of art pieces are documented in an exhibition at the People's Gallery (Tanglin, Nassim gate Visitor Centre & Bukit Timah Gate).


SAM think exhibition combined 06072019-21072019

SAM Think Exhibition NASSIM VC 3 06072019-21072019

SAM Think Exhibition BT Gate

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